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Percentage of Percentage Calculator

By Mateusz Mucha and Piotr Małek.
Percentage of percentage allows you to multiply % by % and get the result.

The percentage of percentage calculator will multiply one % by a second % to get a cumulative value. It will also take an original value and calculate a new value after the first percentage is applied and then a final value after the second percentage is applied.

For example, suppose the first percentage is 25 and the second is 33. The calculator will compute (0.25)(0.33) = .0825 or 8.25%. Now applying this to numbers, suppose the original number is 10, take 10 * 0.25 = 2.5, now multiply 2.5 by 0.33 to get 0.825.

The user of the calculator can also enter the original value, value after first percent and final value and the percentages will be calculated.

Mateusz Mucha and Piotr Małek.

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Percentage of Percentage Calculator