Business calculators

Business planning calculators

  • Break-even calculator shows you how much revenue your business needs in order to cover all costs.
  • Pre- and post-money valuation is what you need when startups and VC sit down to talk.
  • Our ROI calculator can help you know if you're going into a bad deal, or trying a new venture that won't work. Make sure the numbers work before jumping in!

Online marketing calculators

  • Our CPC and CPM calculator helps you figure out the real costs of your internet advertising.
  • CPM calculator helps you with cost and volume of advertising traffic.
  • The online marketing conversion calculator allows you to simulate the whole process of online sales, from impressions to customers, and to calculate the ROI.
  • Website Ad Revenue helps you evaluate the income from your website traffic or traffic needed to reach particular income.

Sales calculators


  • GST calculator figures out a price of product including Goods and Service Tax.
  • Sales tax calculator works out the tax imposed on the sale of goods and services.
  • VAT calculator finds out the net or gross price when the Value Added Tax is considered.

Other calculators

  • The business budget calculator is a worksheet that will allow you to track the budget of your company.
  • Gross to net lets you see what some amount would look like before the tax is/was applied or after it's been deducted.
  • Hourly to salary tell you how your hourly wage would look like as an annual salary.
  • Net to gross calculator returns the amount after or before tax.
  • Price per quantity is a problem we often try to solve when shopping: "should I get the larger bottle?"
  • SaaS Lifetime Value calculator shows how your average revenue per customer, gross margin and churn rate impact the overall value of the customer.
  • Salary to hourly converter does a quick paycheck recalculation.