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Am I doing everything I can to fight the COVID-19 outbreak? Do I have everything I need for a lockdown? Food, supplies, toilet paper? How can I spend my time at home better? Right now, these are important questions, and you’ll find the answers to them in this collection. As well as receiving personalised answers, you’ll also be able to dig deeper into the coronavirus problem and learn how to stay safe and help others around you. So, even if you think you’re too small to make a difference, use our calculators to see your true impact on the world.

Covid prevention calculators 😷

Max Vaccine Immunity CalculatorMask vs. No Mask CalculatorSocial Distancing Calculator - CoronavirusCOVID-19 Vaccine Production CalculatorHand Sanitizer Calculator - CoronavirusCoronavirus Protection - Swiss Cheese ModelKalkulator Kolejki Szczepionkowej COVID-19Calculateur de Queue pour le Vaccin en FranceCorona-ImpfterminrechnerVaccine Queue Calculator for the UKVaccine Queue Calculator for CanadaVaccine Queue Calculator for IrelandVaccine Queue Calculator for IndiaКалькулятор Очереди на вакцинацию - РоссияVaccine Queue Calculator for ScotlandCalculadora del Turno de Vacunación en EspañaCalculadora para la Cola de Vacunación en MéxicoCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para ArgentinaVaccine Queue Calculator for WalesCalculateur de la File d'Attente pour le Vaccin au CanadaCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para ChileVaccine Queue Calculator for the NetherlandsCalculadora para Fila de Vacinas contra a COVID-19 em PortugalCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para EcuadorCovid-19 Oltási Sorrend KalkulátorCalcolatore per l'attesa per il vaccino contro il COVID-19Vaccine Queue Calculator for Northern IrelandCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para PerúVaccine Queue Calculator for EnglandVaccine Queue Calculator for AustraliaCalculateur de la file d'attente pour le vaccin en BelgiqueCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para ColombiaVaccine Queue Calculator for South AfricaЧерга на вакцинацію в Україні КалькуляторVaccine Queue Calculator for MalaysiaVaccine Queue Calculator for the PhilippinesCalculadora de Turno de Vacunación para República DominicanaCorona-Impfterminrechner für die SchweizCalculateur de file d'attente pour le vaccin en SuisseKalkulačka fronty na vakcínu pro Českou republikuTürkiye için aşı sırası hesaplayıcıKalkulačka radu na vakcínu pre Slovenskú republikuCalculator van de vaccinwachtrij in BelgiëCoronavirus Mask Calculator

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