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Quarantine Binge Watching Calculator

Created by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Maria Kluziak
Reviewed by Bogna Szyk and Jack Bowater
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

Coronavirus is forcing us to stay home and avoid other people as much as possible. Still, we have to do something in the evenings, so why not dust off "The 500 Best TV Series of All Time, Ever" you saved in a spreadsheet a couple of years ago and work your way through a few of them? With the help of the world's biggest movie databases, and their lists of the most-watched and highest-ranked TV shows, we've prepared this binge watching calculator to help you pencil in a plan for the next few afternoons or weeks.

So sit back, relax, and let's get ready for a marathon of Netflix and chill. Well, by that, we mean literally watching Netflix and chilling, and not... the other thing, of course. You know what we mean. Right...? Okay, now that made it even more awkward. Can we just move on, please?

Coronavirus lockdown and streaming platforms

The best way to get through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is by social distancing, which basically translates as staying home as much as possible. If we limit the number of people we have physical contact with to a minimum, we slow down the spread of the virus. In other words: don't go to the movies, don't go clothes shopping or pub crawling. Just stay in your house or apartment and... well, what can you do with all this time indoors?

Why not use this free time to sit down with a drink of your choice and watch a TV series or two? After all, what else do we need now if not to forget zone out for a couple of hours? Streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO GO, or Amazon Prime, offer you just that. In fact, some of them even have special discounts on now, to encourage you to stay home and keep the pandemic at bay. With a wide range of genres, everyone is able to choose the story they wish to live through, while dozing safely on their living room sofa. A crime scene investigation with a grumpy old detective? A ride on a dragon's back over snowy mountains? Or a good laugh with a crazy, yet loving family? You choose the scenario and how much time you have to spend!

Binge watching - what to binge watch?

Binge watching is what we call watching a few episodes of a TV series one after the other. Sometimes it is because the last episode ended on such a cliffhanger that dinner must wait another half hour because you simply must know what happens next. Or it can be that you had a rough day, and a single episode of your favorite comedy show is just not enough to brighten your mood.

And so an episode follows another, a season ends just for the next one to start, and eventually, the series comes to an end. What now? The outside is still a no-go zone, so no help there. You could leave the screen for a bit and grab a book for a change, but you're in such a comfortable position, and there's still a little dinner left. Surely, you're not going to eat it in silence like a mad man, are you? Why not find some other series, something similar to the last one? After all, you can watch just one episode, and you'll get up after that. You blink. It's a few hours later. You're on season two. If it's only now that you realize you didn't put your drinks in the fridge, the chill drink calculator can come to your rescue and help you enjoy the show with a nice, cool beverage.

So how can you find something to binge watch? Use our binge watching calculator, of course! Just follow these few simple steps to obtain a whole list of TV series for you to enjoy during these days spent at home:

  1. Choose the duration of your lockdown by either providing the number of days or by selecting the start and end date. The default duration is two weeks starting from today.
  2. Decide how much time you want to spend daily or weekly watching TV. Remember that if, for example, you want to watch the shows for two hours every second day, then you need to input the average daily time, which, in this particular case, would be one hour.
  3. Choose the streaming platform of your choice from the list: Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Disney+.
  4. Select the genre you're most interested in. If you're not too picky, feel free to choose "everything" and prepare yourself for a mixture of TV sensations.
  5. Voilà! Below the calculator, you'll see a list of series that suit you most, divided into seasons.
  6. Stay home, wash your hands, and enjoy your binge watching sessions!

And if you'd rather do something else, the quarantine books calculator and the tv alternatives calculator can help you find other activities to fill your time with!

Binge watching: expectations vs reality

Do you know what's best for your mind after a day of writing descriptions for online calculators? That's right! A good, 3-hour-long escape into the other-worldly action of a fantasy or sci-fi show! Well, let's use our binge watching calculator to see what we can watch in the upcoming week.

We're only planning for the next week, so let's put seven days into the corresponding box. We also have three hours a day to dedicate to this, so input that into the in the "I'll love" box. Our streaming platform of choice is, say, HBO GO, and our beloved genre is science fiction and fantasy.

What does the calculator suggest for the twenty-one hours of binge watching? The first season of His Dark Materials and the first of Game of Thrones. Hm, there must be some miscalculation there... Last week we watched His Dark Materials and we're never watching Game of Thrones again (not after that last season, we don't want it). So we hit the refresh arrow at the bottom of the calculator and we get... Westworld. That's meant to be good, right? How long will it take? Do we have enough time? Well, the TV series duration can help you answer at least one of these questions.

Oh well, who are we fooling? We can fit another few hours on our sofa, it's not like there's anything else to do!

Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Maria Kluziak
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