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We proudly present the collection of the most unique, crazy, knock-your-socks-off calculators on the Web! Here, you can discover Omni Calculator in its full glory, and get the full perspective on what we do and why. Trying to relax? Grab a sweet tea prepared with our chilled drink calculator, or lift up in the air on helium balloons. Hungry? We have the best cooking calculators, from boiling eggs to getting pizza. In a more serious mood? Check how dangerous a car crash can be depending on different factors, or how many years of life you can save by picking a bike over a car. Feeling like starting a DIY project? We suggest sewing a circle skirt. We’re here to do the math for you, so dive in and enjoy!
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The gallon calculator can convert gallons to any volume unit you can think of. It can also tell you how much one gallon of water weighs.

Latent heat

The latent heat calculator computes the energy released or absorbed during a phase transition like melting or vaporizing.

Poisson's ratio

The Poisson's ratio calculator can find the Poisson's ratio either as a proportion of lateral and axial strain or from the shear and elasticity moduli.

Salary to hourly

Salary to hourly converter does a quick paycheck recalculation.
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