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Have you moved lately and are looking for an EU to US shoe size calculator to help you to figure out your new shoe 👟 size in your new environment? You have come to the right place. Our EU to US shoe size calculator will help you to overcome this difficulty quickly and easily. In this article, you will learn:

  • How shoe sizes differ in the US from the EU;
  • How to convert EU shoe size to US for men and women;
  • How to use our EU to US shoe size calculator; and
  • How men's shoe sizes differ from women's.

Note well: Today, not all shoe manufacturing companies stick to the shoe sizes outlined in this article. Many popular brands consider their proprietary sizing chart part of their brand identity. As such it is always better to try shoes before buying, especially when choosing from a new or unfamiliar brand.

How shoe sizes in the US differ from those in the EU?

EU shoe manufacturers use much larger numbers to reflect shoe sizes than US manufacturers. To a great extent, this distinction is linked to the fact that the United States uses the imperial system of measurement while Europe uses the metric.

This means that in measuring a person's feet in Europe manufacturers use centimeters, while in the US, manufacturers use inches. With centimeters being so much smaller than inches, it should now be obvious why there is such a big difference in the numbers used to reflect shoe sizes 👞.

How to calculate your shoe size

If you are buying a shoe of European make, you need to measure the length of your foot 🦶 in centimeters, then multiply this by 1.5. Lastly, you need to add 2 centimeters for a comfortable fit.

For the US-made shoe, on the other hand, we first measure the length of the foot 🦶 in inches. This measurement is then multiplied by 3. To find a man's shoe size, we subtract 22 inches to determine the correct size. If we are finding the shoe size for a female, we would then subtract 21. This is why these shoe sizes are so different.

🙋 Unlike the US, where they calculate male 🚹 and female 🚺 shoe sizes differently, Europe uses the same shoe size calculation for both men and women.

How to convert EU shoe size to US

To convert EU shoe size to US, you need to use the following steps:

  1. Get the EU size.
  2. Subtract 2 from the given size and divide the result by 1.5. This is the length of your foot in centimeters.
  3. Divide the answer in 2 by 2.54 to convert the length of your foot to inches.
  4. Multiply the answer by 3, then subtract 21( if you are converting the US to EU shoe size for women). Subtract 22 if you are converting the Eu to US shoe size for men.
  5. The answer in 4 is the desired shoe size in US.

Of course, you could save yourself the trouble using our EU to US shoe size calculator 😊.

How to use our EU to US shoe size calculator

Our EU to US shoe size calculator is extremely easy to use. Simply enter your shoe size in EU, and our shoe size converter will return your US shoe size in real-time.

As a bonus, you will also be able to see your shoe size 👢 for Canadian, Korean, Australian, Mexican, Japanese, and UK-made shoes.

You could also use this as a US to EU shoe size calculator by entering your US shoe size. When you do this, our calculator will return your EU size.

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How do men's shoe sizes differ from women's?

In the US, men's shoe sizes differ from women's in that men's shoes carry a smaller number for the same measurement.

This means that if a man and a woman have feet of the same length , the man's shoe will show a smaller number as its size. So essentially, a size 9 male shoe will be bigger than a size 9 female shoe.

How do I calculate the US equivalent of a size 42 EU shoe?

To convert 42 EU shoe size to US:

  1. Subtract 2 from 42 and divide the answer by 1.5.
  2. Divide the answer in 1 by 2.54.
  3. Multiply the answer by 3.
  4. Subtract 21 to find the shoe size for women or 22 to find the shoe size for men.

What is size 5 shoe in EU?

A size 5 US female shoe in EU is 35 while a size 5 US male shoe is a 36 EU.

In reality, a size 5 US-made male shoe is larger than a size 5 female US-made shoe.

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