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Welcome to our US to UK shoe size converter, where you can easily convert your US shoe size to UK size to find your perfect pair of shoes! In this article, we shall learn how to perform this shoe size conversion from the US to the UK, so stick around to find out more!

US and UK Shoe size standards

You may already know that a shoe size is a number that indicates the shoe's fitting size. Each size differs by the length and width of the foot it can fit. The industry has different shoe size standards, each measuring different things in different units.

In the US, the formula for the traditional shoe size from the foot length (inches) is:

  • US male = (3 × foot length (in)) - 22
  • US female = (3 × foot length (in)) - 21
  • US child = (3 × foot length (in)) - 9.67

In the UK, the the formula for shoe size from the foot length (inches) is:

  • UK size = (3 × foot length (in)) - 23
  • UK child = (3 × foot length (in)) - 10

Note that the US has different sizes for men and women while the UK has the same size for both men and women.

Measuring foot length.
Measuring foot length.

🙋 How to find your shoe size at home:

  • Measure your foot length in inches as shown in the image above.
  • Use the formulae above to find your shoe size from your foot length. Or simply enter the foot length value in our converter and skip the manual calculation!

If you already know your shoe size in the US or UK standard, proceed further to learn how to convert it to the other standard.

US to UK shoe size conversion

The simplest way to think of this conversion is that the US men's shoe size is one size shorter than the corresponding UK size.

US_male = UK_size - 1

The US women's size is two sizes shorter than the equivalent UK size.

US_female = UK_size - 2

The US child size is 1/3 of an inch shorter than the UK counterpart.

US_child = UK - 0.33.

Using our US to UK shoe size converter

Our US to UK shoe size converter is easy to use:

  • Choose whether you want to perform the conversion for child or adult size.

    1. Enter the US size to convert US shoe size to UK size.
    2. Provide the UK size to convert UK shoe size to US size.
    3. Enter the foot length in inches or millimeters to calculate the US and UK shoe sizes.
  • This calculator will automatically show your shoe sizes in other standards, such as Korean and European Union sizes. Use this feature to find US or UK shoe sizes from these standards.

Other shoe size converters


How do you convert US shoe size 10 to UK shoe size?

Male US shoe size 10 is equivalent to UK size 9, while female US shoe size 10 is equivalent to UK size 8. To calculate this result yourself, follow these steps:

  • To convert male US shoe size 10 to UK size, subtract one from the US size: 10 - 1 = 9.
  • To convert female US shoe size 10 to UK size, subtract two from the US size: 10 - 2 = 8.
  • Alternatively, skip these manual calculations by using our US to UK shoe size converter.

What is the largest shoe size ever made for human use?

The man with the largest feet ever, Robert Wadlow (1918-1940), wore shoes of size US size 37AA, equivalent to UK size 36, with a fitting length of 47 cm or 18.5 inches.

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