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Thinking about buying shoes abroad? Try our converter and solve the sizing problem for good! Browse the whole page and get to know:

  • How to convert US shoe size to EU.
  • What are the equations to calculate US and EU shoe sizes?
  • How to convert male and female US sizes to EU.

Shoe sizes explained

  • In the United States, you can count the shoe size using the equation:

    shoe size = 3 × foot length [in] - 22

    for males, and

    shoe size = 3 × foot length [in] - 21

    for females.

  • In the European sizing system, the size is expressed in Paris points, which are equal to 2/3 centimeter.

    Shoe size [Paris points] = 3/2 × foot length [cm] + 2

How to convert US shoe size to EU

First, determine if the US size is male or female. Now the simplest way to convert the size step by step is:

  1. Find the foot length - FL - from the equation for the US shoe size.

    US size (female) = 3 × FL [in] - 21

    US size (male) = 3 × FL [in] - 22

  2. Now convert the foot length in inches to centimeters.

    FL [cm] = 2.54 × FL [in]

  3. Calculate the EU size, using the formula:

    EU size = 3/2 × foot length [cm] + 2

Using US to EU shoe size converter

To use our US to EU shoe size converter:

  1. First, decide on the mode you want to work in. You can choose the adult or child sizing system.
  2. Now type in the US size you already know (male or female) and want to convert. You can use the foot length as well.
  3. The EU shoe size appears immediately below the US sizes' rows.
  4. You can also take a look at the other sizing methods.

More shoe size converters

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How do I convert US 12 shoe size to EU?

US male 12 = EU 45
US female 12 = EU 44

Remember that brands sometimes have their own sizing tables; in that case, it's preferable to use the manufacturer's sizing system.

How do I convert EU 37 male shoe size to the US one?

37 EU male shoe size = 5.5 US

To convert 37 EU male shoe size to the US:

  1. Count the foot length - FL.

    EU size = 3/2 × foot length [cm] + 2

    FL = 23.3 cm

  2. Convert that into inches.

    1 inch = 2.54 cm
    23.3 cm = 9.2 in

  3. Calculate the US size.

    US size (male) = 3 × FL [in] - 22

    US size = 5.5

What is 7.5 women's European shoe size?

US female 7.5 = EU 38

To convert the shoe size:

  1. First, find the foot length - FL:

    7.5 = 3 × FL [in] - 21
    FL = 9.5 in

  2. Now convert it into centimeters [cm]:

    1 in = 2.54 cm
    FL = 9.5 in = 24.13 cm

  3. Finally, count the EU size:

    EU size = 3/2 × FL + 2
    EU size = 3/2 × 24.13 + 2
    EU size = 38

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