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Created by Joanna Michaล‚owska, PhD candidate
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Last updated: Apr 06, 2022

The dress size calculator tells you which dress size you should go for when shopping ๐Ÿ›๏ธ๐Ÿ›’. If you want to answer the question "What dress size am I?", use this tool and never worry about finding the perfect fit again. You only need to know three body measurements: your bust, waist, and hip circumferences.

Are you getting confused with different clothing sizes? Don't worry - you will find a dress size chart with the most popular international sizes in the article below. Let's calculate your dress size ๐Ÿ‘—!

How to calculate your dress size?

Let's find out how to measure dress size... It's really easy! You just need to know three body measurements:

  • Bust;
  • Waist; and
  • Hips.

The picture below shows you where exactly you should hold your measuring tape to get a valid measurement. You may ask another person to assist you to make things easier. Remember not to take measurements over your regular clothes, as your results will not be reliable.

How to measure yourself correctly.

Dress size chart

There is a large number of standard sizing systems around the world for various garments, including dresses. Have a look at the dress size chart below to compare the most popular clothing sizes across the globe. While it does answer the question "What dress size am I?", our dress size calculator can find it even quicker.

Bust Waist Hips US size UK size EU size International
74 cm (29") 58 cm (23") 80 cm (31.5") 00 2 30 XXS
74-77 cm (29"-30") 58-61 cm (23"-24") 80-84 cm (31.5"-33") 0 4 32 XS
78-81 cm (31"-32") 62-64 cm (24"-25") 85-89 cm (33"-35") 2 6 34 XS
82-85 cm (32"-33.5") 65-68 cm (25"-26.5") 90-94 cm (35"-37") 4 8 36 S
86-89 cm (33.5"-35") 69-72 cm (26.5"-28") 95-97 cm (37"-38") 6 10 38 S
90-93 cm (35"-36.5") 73-77 cm (28"-30") 98-101 cm (38"-40") 8 12 40 M
94-97 cm (36.5"-38") 78-81 cm (30"-32") 102-104 cm (40"-41") 10 14 42 M
98-102 cm (38"-40") 82-85 cm (32"-33.5") 105-108 cm (41"-42.5") 12 16 44 L
103-107 cm (40"-42") 86-90 cm (33.5"-35.5") 109-112 cm (42.5"-44") 14 18 46 L
108-113 cm (42"-44.5") 91085 cm (35.5"-37.5") 113-116 cm (44"-45.5") 16 20 48 XL
114-119 cm (44.5"-47") 96-102 cm (37.5"-40") 117-121 cm (45.5"-48") 18 22 50 XL
120-125 cm (47"-49") 103-108 cm (40"-42.5") 123-128 cm (48"-50") 20 24 52 XXL
126-131 cm (49"-51.5") 109-114 cm (42.5"-45") 129-134 cm (50"-53") 22 26 54 XXL

๐Ÿ’ก Disclaimer: the values shown in our dress size chart and used in dress size calculator are the popular standards, but some manufacturers may have their own sizing standards.

โ“ Interesting fact: Have you ever wonder what is the average dress size? According to an article published in 2016, the average size for American women is 16.

What dress size am I? A practical example using dress size calculator

Now that you know how to measure dress size, let's use a practical example to find out how dress size calculator works.

  1. Let's see how to measure dress size for Ann. She made the following measurements of her body expressed in centimeters:
  • Bust: 95 cm

  • Waist: 80 cm

  • Hips: 102 cm

Don't worry about different length units. Our calculator has a built in length conversion to make everything easier.

  1. Once she input all necessary information into dress size calculator, she finds out that:
  • Ann wears size 10 in the USA.

  • She should go for a dress size 14 in the UK.

  • In Europe, Ann should choose size 42 when buying a dress.

  • The international symbol for her dress size is M.

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Joanna Michaล‚owska, PhD candidate
Your measurements ๐Ÿ“
94-97 cm (36.5-38 in)
78-81 cm (30-32 in)
102-104 cm (40-41 in)
Women's clothing sizes:

US flag USA: 10

UK flag UK: 14

EU flag Europe (DE/AT/NL/SE/DK): 42

๐ŸŒŽ International: M

Disclaimer โฌ‡๏ธ

Please be aware that these categories are approximations. Check if your brand does not have their own clothing sizes before buying your perfect dress ๐Ÿ‘—.

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