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If you've ever had trouble finding a jacket with the perfect fit, don't worry - this jacket size calculator 🧥 is a tool designed specifically to solve that problem! Use it to find out your precise coat size, and with it you'll never have to wonder if your dream jacket will fit you again!

Read on if you want to learn how to measure jacket size, and discover what the sizes S, M, and L really mean with the jacket size chart. You can also treat the chart as an international jacket size converter, to see how sizes differ between the Unites States and the European Union.

Be sure to also check our belt size calculator too if you want to find out what size of belt you need as a nice addition to your newly bought jacket.

Jacket size calculator: measuring tape illustration

How to use the jacket size calculator?

Using this calculator should be no trouble - it's a simple and intuitive tool. All you need to do is:

  • Pick your sex:
    • If you're looking for a men's jacket, input your height and the width of your chest; and
    • If you need a women's jacket, put in your chest and hip measurements.
  • The jacket size calculator will combine the information you provided to return your jacket size at the bottom!

If you're wondering how to correctly take the measurements needed to calculate jacket size, don't worry - you will find some instructions in the next section.

How to measure jacket size?

Taking jacket measurements is as easy as pie! For comfort's sake, you might want to ask another person to assist you, but you should be able to do it on your own without any trouble. One thing to remember is don't take measurements over your regular clothes. In order for them to be accurate, you need to take the measurements close to your body.

You will find instructions on how to measure jacket size below.

Jacket size calculator - where to take measurements?
(Image created on the basis of Silhouettes of man and woman, available on Freepik.com.)

  1. Chest measurement
    • To find out your chest width, take a measuring tape and wrap in under your armpits, at the fullest part of the chest. Do not puff out your chest. Stand up straight and relax. Remember to leave a little space to move around, but do not overdo it. It should be no more than an inch (or about 2.5 centimeters - refer to our length converter if you need other units).
    • The procedure is the same for women. Remember to take the measurement on the widest part of your breasts. While you're at it, consider killing as many as three birds with one stone by using this measurement to calculate your bra and bikini size!
  2. Hips measurement
    • To take this measurement, wrap a measuring tape around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. Put your feet together while taking the measurement for maximum precision.

Is it summer for you right now? In that case, maybe you will find our dress size calculator 👗 more appropriate for now.

What's my size in Europe? Jacket size charts

Unfortunately, there is no unified sizing system around the globe. Luckily, in the case of coat size it's not nearly as complicated as with shoe sizes, and most clothes producers around the world conform to either the US or the European sizing system - you will find these two in our jacket size calculator.

If you're interested in the precise jacket size measurements hiding behind the letters, or you're looking for a quick jacket size converter, check out the two jacket size charts below:

Men's jacket size chart:
Body height (inch) Body height (cm) Chest width (inch) Chest width (cm) US jacket size US flag EU jacket size EU flag
63"-64" 160-164 30"-32" 78-81 XXXS 40
64"-65" 162-166 32"-34" 82-85 XXS 42
65"-66" 166-170 34"-36" 86-89 XS 44
66"-68" 168-173 36"-38" 90-93 S 46
67"-68" 171-176 38"-40" 94-97 M 48
68"-69" 174-179 40"-42" 98-101 L 50
69"-70" 177-182 42"-44" 102-105 L 52
70"-71" 180-184 44"-45" 106-109 XL 54
71"-72" 182-186 44"-45" 110-113 XL 56
72"-73" 184-188 45"-46" 114-117 XXL 58
73"-74" 185-189 46"-47" 118-121 XXL 60
74"-75" 187-191 47"-48" 122-125 3XL 62
75"-76" 189-193 48"-49" 126-129 3XL 64
76"-77" 191-194 49"-50" 130-133 4XL 66
77"-78" 193-196 50"-51" 134-137 5XL 68
78"-79" 195-198 51"-52" 138-141 5XL 70
79"-80" 197-200 52"-53" 142-145 6XL 72

Women's jacket size chart:

Chest width (inch) Chest width (cm) Hip width (inch) Hip width (cm) US jacket size US flag EU jacket size EU flag
29"-30" 74-77 33"-34" 84-87 XXS 32
31"-32" 78-81 35"-36" 88-91 XS 34
32"-33" 82-85 36"-37" 92-95 S 36
33"-34" 86-89 37"-38" 96-98 M 38
34"-36" 90-93 39"-40" 99-101 L 40
37"-38" 94-97 40"-41" 102-104 L 42
38"-39" 98-102 41"-42" 105-108 XL 44
40"-41" 103-107 43"-44" 109-112 XL 46
42"-43" 108-113 45"-46" 113-116 XXL 48
44"-46" 114-119 47"-48" 117-121 XXL 50
47"-48" 120-125 48"-49" 122-126 3XL 52
49"-50" 126-131 50"-51" 127-132 3XL 54
50"-52" 132-137 52"-53" 133-138 4XL 56
53"-54" 138-143 54"-55" 139-144 4XL 58
55"-57" 144-149 56"-58" 145-150 5XL 60
58"-60" 150-155 59"-60" 151-156 5XL 62

Whew, that's a lot of data! Fortunately, the jacket size calculator has a built-in jacket size converter that helps you find out your desired information in no time.

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