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With summer in full swing and beach season rapidly approaching, we're all facing that all too common anxiety of prepping our bodies and wardrobes for all the swimming and sunbathing we plan to do. In those few weeks leading up to summer, the media goes frantic - telling you to hit the gym, go on miracle diets, pick the perfect self-tanner, and don't even get me started on all that ideal weight talk.

Among all the pre-beach-season angst, you're bound to dust off last year's bikinis. If your figure didn't change much, and you still like how you look in them, you're lucky - you don't have to go through the hassle of picking a new one. If, however, you're in dire need of a new swimsuit Omni Calculator is here to help you. With our foolproof bikini calculator, you'll quickly find out which bikini type best suits you based on your body shape. Added to this, we'll also answer the mind-boggling question: "how to pick the best swimsuit"?

Don't let us tell you what to wear

Before diving deeper into the subject, you need to learn the most important rule of choosing clothes - swimsuits, jackets, pants, or ball gowns. The rule is universal for all ages, body shapes, and mindsets:

Wear whatever the hell you want.

Yes, our calculator will help you pick the bikini that will flatter your body the most. What do we mean by flatter? In short, we're trying to achieve a balanced look - for the top and bottom halves of the body to look proportional, balanced, and most pleasing to the eye.

Still, don't take the results as gospel. Maybe you aren't comfortable in tiny string bikinis, even though our calculator recommends them for your body shape. Perhaps you love ruffles, even though we say they're not the most flattering thing you can wear. In these cases, always go with your gut feeling. You're the most beautiful when you feel beautiful, that is. Wear clothes that you like.

So yes, use the results as an inspiration to wear a bikini type you usually wouldn't pick up in a store, but, ultimately, the choice is 100 percent yours - if you want those ruffles, go and get them!

What body shape am I?

Having said that, we still think that you can profit from learning what your body type is. You will learn what types of clothing look best on your figure and which cuts or colors to avoid. Ultimately, your silhouette will look more proportional, and that's the look we should all strive for!

This bikini calculator finds your body type based on the scientific study "Comparison of body shape between USA and Korean women: {Hourglass, Bottom Hourglass, Top Hourglass, Spoon, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle}", conducted in 2007 by Lee, Istook, and Nam on over 6,300 American women. The study defines these female body shapes based on four measurements: bust, waist, hip, and high hip.

  • Bust should be measured at the fullest point of your bust. Don't squeeze the measuring tape too tight - you should be able to breathe deeply. Please check out our bra size calculator.

  • Waist: your waist is the narrowest part of your torso. Remember not to pull your stomach in!

  • Hips: the hips are the widest point below your waist.

  • High hip: this is also a hip measurement, but taken at the top of the hip curve - not at its widest point. Please check out our dress size calculator.

You can find more details on how to take these measurements correctly in our body shape calculator.

Best bikinis for an hourglass

If your body shape is an hourglass, you're lucky! This silhouette is naturally proportional and balanced. The key is accentuating your beautiful, clearly defined waist and great legs - your best assets.

Bikini calculator - hourglass

As an hourglass, you should wear the following:

  • Tops with straps mid-way across the shoulder and simple or string bikini bottoms. In your case, simplicity is critical; these minimalist bikinis won't take the attention off your beautiful silhouette.

  • Strapless or bandeau tops with simple bottoms.

  • Ruffled or embellished bikini sets that accentuate your curves.

  • Make sure that your top and bottom colors match - mixing colors can make your body look disproportional.

  • One-piece swimsuits with a wrap waist will enhance your waist. Remember to keep the color relatively uniform across the bust and hips.

Best bikinis for a top hourglass

A top hourglass body type is very similar to a regular hourglass. The main difference is that your bust is visibly larger than your hips. The trick in picking a flattering bikini is to find one that accentuates your waist and optically balances the top and bottom.

Bikini calculator - top hourglass

As a top hourglass, you should wear the following:

  • Simple, solid color halter tops or triangle tops. You can pair them with patterned and embellished bottoms.

  • Darker tops and lighter bikini bottoms to optically balance your bust and hips.

  • Retro-style one-piece suits with a ruffle around the hips.

  • Tankinis with a simple halter top paired with ruffled or embellished bottoms.

Best bikinis for a bottom hourglass (pear)

A bottom hourglass, also known as the pear body type, has a clearly accentuated waist and a bust visibly smaller than the hips. The key in picking a swimsuit is for this body type is to find one that adds volume to your upper body while keeping the bikini bottom as simple as possible. You should also emphasize your waist to achieve a balanced silhouette.

Bikini calculator - bottom hourglass

As a bottom hourglass, you should wear the following:

  • Patterned, ruffled, and embellished tops with wide-set straps - they will enhance your upper body. You can also choose push-up tops for some extra volume.

  • Light-colored tops with darker bottoms. Steer away from high-coverage bottoms, though, as they will make your hips appear wider.

  • One-piece swimsuits with wide-set straps and higher-cut legs.

  • Tankinis with light-colored, embellished, and padded tops. Pair them with darker bottoms.

Best bikinis for a spoon

If you're a spoon, your hips are much wider than your bust and have a shelf-like appearance. Your best assets are your lower legs and arms, so show them off! The trick to picking the right bikini is to find one that minimizes the attention to your tummy and hips.

Bikini calculator - spoon

As a spoon, you should wear the following:

  • Patterned, ruffled, and embellished tops that draw attention to your upper body. You can also choose push-ups for extra volume.

  • Light-colored tops with straps mid-way across the shoulder.

  • Darker bottoms without any embellishments. If you're feeling bold, pick bottoms with a slight scoop.

  • Retro pin-up swimsuits look great on you! Pick ones with dark bottoms and ruching across the waist.

  • Tankinis with empire waist tops that will optically hide your tummy.

Best bikinis for a triangle

If you're a triangle, your upper body is very slim, while your hips are even broader than your shoulders. The trick is to add volume to your upper body and de-emphasize the hips. Be sure to show off your best assets - the legs, beautiful arms, and a flat tummy.

Bikini calculator - triangle

As a triangle, you should wear the following:

  • Patterned, ruffled, and embellished tops that draw attention to your upper body. They work best when paired with dark-colored bottoms.

  • Swim dresses with an A-line skirt and moderately deep cleavage.

  • Strapless bandeau bikini tops are a perfect choice for you. You can also pick padded ones for some more volume.

  • Tankinis with light or ruffled busts or empire waist tops.

Best bikinis for an inverted triangle

Inverted triangles have a subtle waist, ample bust and shoulders, and slim hips. You should pick swimsuits that accentuate the lower body and de-emphasize your bust.

Bikini calculator - inverted triangle

As an inverted triangle, you should wear:

  • Simple, solid color halter tops with thick straps.

  • Dark, simple triangle tops with embellished bottoms or bottoms with side ties.

  • One-piece suits with cut-out sides, hip embellishments, and deep necklines. They will help you achieve an hourglass-shape effect.

  • Tankinis with a simple halter top and ruffled or embellished bottoms.

  • Avoid strapless tops. If you want to show off more body, you can wear tiny string bikini bottoms to show off your great legs!

Best bikinis for a rectangle (straight)

This body type has many names: rectangle, straight, or boyish. Your body is proportional but without an accentuated waist. The trick to picking the best bikini is wearing form-fitting clothing around your waist and adding volume to the upper and lower body.

Bikini calculator - rectangle

As a rectangle, you should wear the following:

  • Light-colored, patterned and ruffled tops with details such as bows or ties. Pick push-ups for some extra volume.
  • Skirted and ruffled bottoms that add volume to your hips. Bottoms with side ties are great for you, too.
  • One-piece swimsuits with a criss-cross front that makes your waist appear thinner.
  • Tankinis with embellishments around the bust and hips and with a dark-colored waist.

Rock that look without burns

Now that you've used our bikini calculator, you know which bikini types will best accentuate your features. There's nothing left to do but head straight to the beach with some newly found confidence!

Still, we'd like to remind you that you should wear something else, too (and no, we don't mean sunglasses or a sun hat, even though they are always a good style choice!) Every time you go sunbathing, remember to use sunscreen with a proper SPF! Please check out our sunscreen calculator.


How to buy a bikini for your body type?

To buy a bikini suitable to your body type:

  1. Remember that you can wear whatever you want. So even if some bikini style is not 'advised', if you like the design, just go for it.
  2. Take a measuring tape and measure yourself in 4 places: your bust, waist, hip, and high hip.
  3. Use the measurements to determine your body type.
  4. Check our calculator to see what bikini types and styles are the most flattering for your figure.
  5. Use the suggestion to explore the new styles and bikini types, but don't treat it as an oracle. Choose what you like!

What type of bikini should a pear shape wear?

A pear (or bottom hourglass) body typed women would benefit from wearing:

  • Upper body enhancing tops - aim for patterns, ruffles, and embellishments;
  • One-piece swimsuit with higher-cut legs and wide-set straps;
  • Bikinis with mixed colors - choose a lighter top and a dark bottom; and
  • Plain, dark, low-waisted bottoms.

Which body types look best with a high waist bikini?

The high-waisted bikini bottom is incredibly flattering for women with long, proportional torsos. The high waist creates a horizontal line just in the middle of the body, making the wearer shorter than they are. Also, be aware that a high-waist bottom will enhance the natural shape of your tummy and hips area. So, it's a perfect solution if you want rounded hips where you already have curves. Your straightness will be emphasized if you're more of a rectangle shape.
Remember that eventually, you should just choose a bikini that you like!

What types of bikinis look good on petite?

Petite women on the beach look best in:

  • High-waisted, high-cut bottoms - they will beautifully elongate the legs;
  • Off-the-shoulder tops;
  • One-shoulder tops;
  • One-piece swimsuits with a high cut;
  • Deep v-cut neck to elongate the neck and visually add height; and
  • Vertical stripes patterns.
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