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Square Yard Calculator

Created by Salam Moubarak, PhD
Reviewed by Hanna Pamuła, PhD and Jack Bowater
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

Our square yard calculator allows you to easily find the total area of a surface. Additionally, if you wish to cover that surface with some material or to do some construction work, such as painting or gardening, it gives you an estimation of your material cost and labor cost.

The square yard calculator also allows you to use different units (imperial and metric) and seamlessly convert between the two. Want to enter your measurements in feet and get your area in square yards or square meters? We've got you covered. You can easily switch between units and get answers to questions like "How to convert from feet to yards?" or "How many square feet in a square yard?"

✅ If you only need to find the area of a lot, you can also use our square footage calculator.

How to use the square yard calculator?

To use the square yard calculator, all you need to do is enter a few key measurements of your surface. There are twelve different shapes that you can choose from; once you enter your values (for example, length, width, radius, and angle), the calculator will give you the total area of your surface in square yards. Of course, you can choose to use different units at your convenience.

For example, let’s say your room measures 18 ft long and 12 ft wide. To get the total area of the room, you enter the length and width in their corresponding fields, and the calculator will give you the answer in the field Area. In this case: Area = 24 square yards.

🙋 You may also check our paint calculator and our flooring calculator for the different applications of taking the square yardage of a surface (or surfaces).

Using the square yardage area formula

Maybe you are wondering what’s a square yard and how does it relate to a yard or to other units like square feet?

Well, you can think of a square yard as the area of a square that has a side length of 1 yard. But remember, an area can be of any shape, not only a square. So, how can we get the area of a rectangle, for example? All you have to do is multiply its length by its width. In case your length and width are measured in feet, and you need to get your answer in square yards, the easiest way to do so is to first convert them to yards and then multiply them: Every 3 ft is equal to 1 yd, so a length of 18 ft, for example, would be equal to 6 yds (18/3 = 6). And that’s basically how the first part of this square yard calculator works.

Unit material cost and total cost of labor calculator

If you need to calculate the cost of working on your surface, like tiling a room, for example (see more details about tiling in our tile calculator), you can enter the unit cost of your material in the field Unit area material price, and the cost of labor in the field Unit area labor cost; the calculator will give you an estimation of the cost of your project in the field Total price.

To follow up on the above example, after finding out that the area of your room is 24 square yards, let’s say you wished to tile that surface. You know that the tiling material you’re using costs $20 per square yard, and the installation fees are $30 per square yard. To estimate the total cost of your project, you enter the unit area material and labor costs in the appropriate fields, the calculator will give you your total cost in the field "Price". In this case: $1200.

Use as border and skirting calculator

This square yard calculator also allows you to calculate the border length of your surface, like a perimeter calculator, and to estimate the cost of working that border (to install skirting or apply a joint between the floor and the wall for example).

Note that, in case you needed to build another vertical surface like a wall or a fence around your main surface, you will need to find the area of that vertical surface after - just reset this square yard calculator and go again. The cost of working the border only accounts for the "line" between the floor and the wall, i.e., the perimeter.

After entering the key dimensions of a surface, in addition to the area of the surface, the calculator gives you the total length of the border. If you need to install skirting, you can enter the unit length material and labor costs in their fields, and the calculator will add these costs to any previous costs you calculated and give you your all-inclusive total cost in the field Total cost.

Once again, let’s complete our example: after entering your dimensions (18 ft and 12 ft), the calculator will also give you a border length of 20 yards in the field Perimeter, and you can input two new cost fields: Unit border material and Labor costs. Let’s say your skirting material costs $10 per yard and the installation costs another $10 per yard. You enter these values in their corresponding fields and the calculator gives you your new total cost of the project. In this case: $1600 ($1200 for tiling and $400 for skirting).

Salam Moubarak, PhD
This is the advanced square yard calculator. If you prefer quick calculations for a simple rectangle, please check this calculator.
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