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Flooring Calculator

By Bogna Szyk
Last updated: Jul 15, 2020
Flooring calculator finds the amount and cost of the flooring material for your renovation project.
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Installing a new floor in your home can be a substantial challenge - unless you're using our flooring calculator! Whether you're constructing your dream house and choosing floor finishes, or just replacing old and used panels in an apartment, you are bound to deal with the same problems - measuring the space and estimating the cost of flooring. And while the calculations are relatively simple, we know math is the last thing you want to do while you're renovating.

We created this square foot calculator for flooring to take the maths off your plate. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly estimate the flooring cost and calculate how much hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring you need to install. With our help, any construction project is going to be a breeze!

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How much flooring do I need?

Before you drive to the nearest Home Depot to buy your flooring, you have to estimate how much material you actually need. You can do it in the following way:

  1. Measure the room that you're going to install the floor in. We recommend measuring the length and width and rounding them up to the nearest inch. Make sure to always consider the widest point of the room, even if the walls are not perfectly straight.

  2. Multiply the width by the length of the room to obtain the square footage. If your room is not rectangular, but has a more irregular shape, you could try determining its area with our trapezoid calculator.

  3. Once you know the area of the room, you're good to go - this is the square footage of flooring materials you have to buy. If you want to cover the floor with square elements, the GCF calculator can be helpful if you are interested what the biggest possible size of a single tile is.

  4. If you're willing to put a bit more effort into the calculations, consider how much additional material to buy to account for waste during installation (for example to ensure that the patterns match on all pieces of flooring). We recommend adding 5-10% of the total area for that purpose.

Bogna Szyk
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