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This epoxy calculator is a valuable tool for DIY enthusiasts — here, you'll learn what epoxy is and how to calculate the volume of epoxy resin required to coat a surface area. Using this tool, you can easily calculate the epoxy resin needed for tables, floors, and even art pieces or photographs (use picture frames if you're unsure if your photo is safe to be in contact with epoxy resin).

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What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a liquid adhesive that becomes solid when mixed in a 2:1 ratio with the hardener. It is used to coat, laminate, and infuse different materials, providing strength, durability, and waterproofing — though it typically requires a few days to set.

It bonds well with almost all materials, whether metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, or rubber. But make sure to clean the surface properly, because epoxy doesn't like greasy surfaces.

Epoxy resin is such a durable material and may be expensive to apply. If you have a tight budget and cannot wait to renovate, you could always opt to use paint.

Check out our paint calculator to help you decide how much paint you'll need for a particular area. Our deck stain calculator can also help you give your deck a new look, so you might want to check that out.

How to use the epoxy calculator?

Using the epoxy calculator, let's calculate how much epoxy you need to coat your surface. Our calculator has the following fields:

  • How thick do you want the epoxy coating?

    • Coating: Enter the amount of epoxy coating you wish to apply, e.g., 1 in.
  • What is the shape and size of your surface?

    • Surface shape: Select if your surface is rectangular or circular.
    • Surface length: Enter the length of your surface, e.g., 36 in.
    • Surface width: Enter the width of your surface, e.g., 24 in.
    • Diameter: If you select circular surface shape, you'll need the diameter of your surface.
  • Here's how much epoxy resin you'll need:

    • Epoxy: Here you will see the required volume of epoxy resin you need, based on your surface shape and dimensions, i.e., 478.75 ounces.

Note that the exact volume may differ if there are any indents or extrusions on the surface.

How to calculate the epoxy resin amount manually?

Here's how you can manually calculate how much epoxy you need.

We use the following formula to calculate the volume of epoxy resin required for a rectangular surface.

Volume=length×width×height\footnotesize \text{Volume} = \text{length} \times \text{width} \times \text{height}

The following formula is to calculate the volume of epoxy resin required for a circular surface.

Volume=π×radius2×height,\footnotesize \text{Volume} = \pi \times \text{radius}^2 \times \text{height},


  • Volume\text{Volume} – Required amount of epoxy;
  • length\text{length} – Length of the rectangular surface where we want to apply the epoxy;
  • width\text{width} – Width of the same rectangular surface where we want the epoxy;
  • radius\text{radius} – Half the diameter of the circular surface where we want the epoxy; and
  • height\text{height} – Desired thickness of our epoxy coating.

Let's take the example of coating 1 in epoxy to a table with dimensions of 8 ft by 4 ft (or 96 in by 48 in).

  • Converting feet into inches and placing the values in the formula:
Volume =length×width×height=96 in×48 in×1 in=4,608 in3\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{Volume}\ &= \text{length} \times \text{width} \times \text{height}\\ &= 96\ \text{in} \times 48\ \text{in} \times 1\ \text{in}\\ &= 4,\!608\ \text{in}^3 \end{align*}
  • To convert cubic inches into gallons, we divide it by 231.
epoxy volume=Volume÷231=4,608 in3÷231=19.95 gallons\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{epoxy volume} &= \text{Volume} \div 231\\[0.2em] &= 4,\!608\ \text{in}^3 \div 231\\ &= 19.95\ \text{gallons} \end{align*}

Now let's take another example of calculating epoxy resin for a round table with a diameter of 32 in (or a radius of 16 inches). Here we will coat 2 inches of epoxy resin.

  • Placing the values in the formula:

Volume = π × (32 / 2)² × 2
= 1608.5 in³

Volume=π×radius2×height=π×(16 inches)2×2 inches=1,608.495 in31,608.5 in3\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{Volume} &= \pi \times \text{radius}^2 \times \text{height}\\[0.2em] &= \pi \times (16\ \text{inches})^2 \times 2\ \text{inches}\\[0.2em] &= 1,\!608.495\ \text{in}^3\\[0.2em] &\approx 1,\!608.5\ \text{in}^3 \end{align*}
  • To convert cubic inches into ounces, divide it by 1.80469.


epoxy volume=Volume÷1.80469=1,608.5 in3÷1.80469=891.29 fluid oz (US)\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{epoxy volume} &= \text{Volume} \div 1.80469\\[0.2em] &= 1,\!608.5\ \text{in}^3 \div 1.80469\\[0.2em] &= 891.29\ \text{fluid oz (US)} \end{align*}

💡 For an even easier measurement, we can convert ounces into cups by dividing the result by 8.

How to calculate 2 part epoxy resin ratio?

The epoxy resin always mixes with the hardener in a 2:1 ratio, where the epoxy is twice as much as the hardener. Divide the resulting volume by the area of your applicable surface to get the coating thickness:

Coating thickness = volume / area


What is the epoxy resin calculation formula?

For epoxy resin amount calculation, we use the following formula:

Epoxy amount = area × coating,


  • area is the surface where the epoxy resin is applied; and
  • coating is the thickness of the epoxy coating.

How do I calculate how much epoxy resin I need?

To calculate the amount of epoxy resin required:

  1. Measure the area of the surface.
  2. Then multiply it by the thickness of the epoxy coating.

E.g., on a surface of 36 inches, if you want 3 inches of epoxy coating, you'll need 108 cubic inches or 59.8 ounces of epoxy.

How do I calculate amount of epoxy for a table of 24"x24"?

To calculate the resin amount, multiply the surface area of your table by the required amount of resin coating. For 1" of resin thickness, you need 576 cubic inches or 319.7 ounces of epoxy resin.

How long does epoxy flooring last?

Residential epoxy flooring can last at least ten years if cared for properly. It depends on the following factors:

  • Floor material strength;
  • Prior surface treatment;
  • Epoxy coating quality & thickness; and
  • Pressure on the surface over the years.
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