Room length
Room width
Room height
Room surface area
Door height
Door width
Number of doors
Total doors area
Windows height
Windows width
Number of windows
Total windows area
Amount of paint
Net room area
Number of coats
Paint efficiency
Amount of paint
US gal
Cost per unit
US gal
Total cost

Paint Calculator

By Bogna Szyk
Last updated: Jun 26, 2019

Whether you are planning to repaint your bedroom or are going to paint all the rooms in your brand new house, this interior paint calculator is here to help you determine how much paint you need. You will be able to find the paint estimation based on the amount of openings or the number of coats of paint. You can also calculate the final cost of paint required!

How much paint do I need?

You will have to input some raw data into the paint calculator. It includes:

  • Room dimensions: you need to type in the length, width and height of the room you are going to paint. If your room has a different shape that a rectangular cuboid, you can also input the surface area directly into the paint estimator. The value calculated automatically takes into account only the walls.
  • Doors: you can leave the default dimensions of a door or customize them to fit your needs. Once you will type in the amount of doors in the room, the paint calculator will find their total area automatically.
  • Windows: again, you can choose the default dimensions or type in custom ones. If you have windows of different sizes in your room, you can also calculate the total area manually and input this value into the appropriate box.
  • Number of coats: by default, our calculator finds the amount of paint required for one layer, but you can input the number of coats you plan to use yourself.
  • Paint efficiency: this number should be written on the paint can, expressed in m²/l or ft²/l.
  • Cost per unit: Optionally, you can input the cost of a unit of paint (cost per liter or per gallon). The paint calculator will automatically find the total cost of paint.

Is the paint estimation accurate?

Obviously, it won't be a hundred percent accurate. If the surface is porous or rough, it will require additional paint - up to 20%. Similarly, complicated fittings require extra paint.

You also need to add some paint - up to 30% - if you are painting a surface for the very first time, as you need to prepare the wall.

Lastly, our interior paint calculator does not include the ceiling, so, if you want to include it, you need to plan some extra paint for that.

What about the floor?

You're not going to paint your floor, are you? Calculate the square footage of your floor and then decide on the finishing layer - is it going to be wood panels, or maybe some tiles?

Bogna Szyk
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