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This square yards calculator determines the area size based on given length and width.

You may freely convert square feet to square meters, acres to square feet, and finally square yards to square feet (sq yard to sq feet) with this tool. In the text you'll find an explanation on how to calculate square yards and a practical example of use.

How many square yards in an acre? Find this and more examples of the practical uses of yd2 below.

What is a square yard? How to calculate square yard?

Calculating areas and surfaces can be useful, especially if you're planning to put down some grass on your garden 🌳 or maybe concrete down the driveway. Whatever it is, this square yards calculator helps to estimate the needed amount of any material.

To get the square yard, you need to know the circumference of an area, or, even better, its length and width. The formula is length multiplied by width:

area = length * width

Both length and width may be in any unit, but it's best if both were in yards to obtain square yards. Just remember that if you count it yourself, the units of both width and length have to be the same. In this calculator, you can switch between any unit you need.

What is a square yard compared to the other units, e.g. sq ft to sq yd?

One square yard equals about:

  • 0.83612736 m2;
  • 9 ft2;
  • 1296 in2; and
  • 0.00020661157 acres.

Square yards to acres

Now that you know about conversion from square yards to acres, let's see how to convert the other way around. How many square yards in an acre? Exactly 4,840 yd2.

Here you'll find some information on how areas were calculated in medieval times. An acre is a land area unit, and it corresponds to about 40% of a hectare. How can we be more precise? One acre is 43,560 square feet or 4,047 m2.

The word "acre" comes from Old English æcer. Its primal meaning was an open field. In medieval Britain, people counted the size of farms 🌻 and landed properties in acres. On the other hand, in the US, square miles gained more popularity.

If you need a more modern comparison to an acre in size, think of a football field. 🏈 To convert square feet to acres you need to multiply the number of acres by 43,560, while the size of a football field's surface is 48,000 ft2.

This square yards calculator - an example

Imagine you want to put on some turf on your garden, but all you have is the width and length of the fence in feet. Yet, in the shop, they ask for the area given in square yards.

  • Width - 120 ft
  • Length - 80 ft

yardage = 120 ft * 80 ft

yardage = 9600 ft2

yardage = 1066.7 yd2

Then, the yardage is 1066.7 yd2. You can change between the units freely, and the results will recalculate. The only limit is your imagination (if you'd like any funky units, we'd love to hear from you!).

Let's go back to the calculator. Now you know the area to cover with grass. But, what is the final cost of the materials? The price for one yd2 is $3.

cost = yardage * price per one

cost = 1066.7 * $3

cost = $3,200

So, the total cost of grassing your garden is $28,800.

Dominika Śmiałek, MD, PhD candidate
This is the simple square yards calculator. If you prefer advanced calculations for various shapes, please check this calculator.
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