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Created by Maria Kluziak
Last updated: Mar 10, 2022

So you're planning a visit to wizarding Britian, but there's one thing standing in your way - you can't wrap your head around all these weird wizarding coins! Worry not - this Harry Potter currency calculator will help you convert Galleons, Sickles and Knuts in no time. Use it to see how many Knuts there are in a Sickle, how much would Harry's fortune be if it was converted into Knuts, and to answer all the other wizarding related questions you might have.

How to use the Harry Potter currency calculator?

This wizarding currency calculator is as easy as pie. To have your money converted, all you need to do is input any number into any of the three available fields. Doing so will automatically trigger the calculator to show you the corrensponding value in the other two!

How does the wizarding currency work?

One has to admit that compared to regular, non-magical money, wizarding currency can get a little complicated. While most of us are used to simple, straight-forward 100-to-1 conversions (for example, a 100 Pence Sterling equaling 100 Pound Sterling) and the monetary systems being based on two types of nominal values only (cents and dollars, punds and pennies, Euro and Euro cents, etc.), the wizarding currency has two very distinctive features:

  • It actually consists of three different types of coin: knuts, sickles and galleons.
  • The relationship between these coins and their values is not based on multiplying 100.

Instead, we know that one galleon is worth 17 Sickles, and one Sickle contains 19 Knuts, meaning that there are as many as 493 Knuts in a single Galleon. With such complicated conversions, it's no wonder that you might choose to save time and use a Harry Potter currency calculator instead of calculating it on your own!

1 Knut is...

1 Sickle is...

1 Galleon is...


29 Knuts

493 Knuts

0.034 Sickles


17 Sickles

0.002 Galleons

0.058 Galleons


Harry Potter currency trivia

Using the wizarding currency calculator is a good chance to learn something new! Here are some fun facts and pieces of trivia that you can find around the Harry Potter books and movies about the money used by wizards.

  • All wizarding coins were using precious metals: gold for Galleons, silver for Sickles and bronze for Knuts.
  • Every coin in wizarding Britain has a series of numerals engraved around its edge, signifying a specific Goblin who cast it.
  • Galleons, Sickles in Knuts are specific to wizarding Britian. Just like Muggles, wizards actually have different currencies in different countries! For example, American magical money consists of Dragots and Sprinks, while in France the currency used by wizards is the Bezant.
  • Ever wondered what happens to the Muggle money young Muggle-born wizards exchange to get their school equipment? According to J. K. Rowling, the Goblins get it back into circulation.
  • While it's hard to pinpoint specific exchange rates between wizarding and Muggle money, in general one Galleon oscilates around five Pound Sterling.
Maria Kluziak
If you're planning a visit to Wizarding Britian 🧙 and need help figuring the magical currency out, this calculator is the exact tool that you need!

Input any of the three values to see how they convert into the other two wizarding coins.
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