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Use our time until calculator to create a countdown from "now" to any date in the future. We will tell you not only the day left but also calculate how much time from now until the date in hours, minutes, and seconds. Keep reading; in this article, you will learn:

  • How to calculate the time until a date; in days;
  • How to find an exact countdown for the time until a given date (adding hours, minutes, and seconds to the calculated time until a specific date).
  • An example of calculating the time left until a date in the future, complete of hours and minutes calculations.

How do you exactly calculate how much time until a date?

To calculate how much time until a date, you must perform a subtraction between the final, desired date and the time of "now". The operation is straightforward, but you need to be careful about some possible catches.

Let's first see how to calculate the time left until a date in days.

  1. Find the number of complete days in your countdown's initial and final months.
    • For the initial month, count the days from tomorrow to the last day of the month.
    • For the final month, count the days from the beginning of the month, to the desired day.
  2. Sum these two results.
  3. Do yourself a favor, and check if there are complete years between your dates. If yes, sum the appropriate number of days, knowing that:
    • In a normal year, there are 365365 days.
    • In a leap year, there are 366366 days.
  4. Sum this number to the result of step 2.
  5. For every "incomplete" year, you must sum the duration of each "complete" month between the dates. There is no way to escape this non-mathematical operation that comes straight from the quirkiness of our calendar: thirty days hath September....
  6. Sum this result to the previous one.

You found the days between "now" and the desired final date. You can start your countdown until the final day or refine your calculation: the exact time until the date is right around the corner!

Complete our countdown for the time until a date: calculate time left until a date in hours, minutes, and seconds

Suppose your event in the future happens at a known time (for example, the spaghetti in the author's pantry that expires two years and a half from now, at precisely 13:35). In that case, you have the chance of calculating the time until that date with hours, minutes, and even seconds accuracy. How to do so?

  1. For the final day, the operation is simple: the hour, minutes, and seconds you need to consider in your time until the countdown are the ones you have in front of you!
  2. For the starting day, subtract the starting time from the hour 24:00:00.
  3. Sum the two times you found at steps 1. and 2., starting from the seconds: if seconds and minutes sum at more than 6060, bring a 11 to the left, and if the hours sum at more than 24, add one day to the day countdown.

Calculate how much time left until spaghetti will go bad

It's the 21st April 2023, at 09:35 in the morning. The author has a package of wholemeal spaghetti in the pantry that expires on the 17th November 2024 at 13:35. Sadly, the seconds are not specified. Let's calculate how much time from now until that pasta will go bad!

To calculate the exact time until that expiration date, we start by counting the days.

  1. As there are 3030 days in April, we count the days from the 22nd22^\mathrm{nd} to the 30th30^\mathrm{th}: the answer is 88 days.
  2. In the final month, we count 1717 days.
  3. Between these months, there is a full year (from May to May). As 2024 is a leap year, we add 366366 days to the total.
  4. We need to sum the days from June to October: 31+30+31+31+30+31=18431+30+31+31+30+31 = 184.
  5. Sum all these numbers: 8+17+366+184=5758+17+366+184 = 575. This is the number of whole days the author has to finish 500 grams of spaghetti. We trust he can do this!

But the author is a scientist, so he needs to know the exact time until spaghetti goes bad. How to calculate how much time from now until the ultimate deadline? Let's add hours and minutes to the countdown.

  1. The final time is at 13:35. Take this number as it is!
  2. The starting time is 09:35. Let's subtract it from 24:00:00.
    • We borrow one hour from 24, and convert it to 6060 minutes, then subtract: 6035=2560-35 = 25.
    • We subtract 2323 and 99: 239=1423-9 = 14. On the first day, the author found 1414 hours 2525 minutes.
  3. Sum the two times: 13:35+14:2513:35+14:25. Start from the minutes: 35+25=6035+25 = 60. We got an hour more! Now sum the hours: 13+14+1=2813+14+1 = 28: we got a day more and 44 hours left.

The calculated exact time until the expiration date of spaghetti is then 576576 days and 44 hours.


How do I calculate the time until a date?

To calculate the time left until a date, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the date and time corresponding to "now".
  2. Find the date and time of the desired final day.
  3. Count the number of complete days between the two dates. You need to consider leap years and the variable duration of months.
  4. Add the number of hours, minutes, and seconds in the final and starting day to the countdown, remembering to count the formers from midnight and the latters to midnight.

How do I calculate how much time until Christmas from Halloween?

To calculate the time between Halloween and Christmas, follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify the two dates:
    • Christmas falls on the 25th December.
    • Halloween falls on the 31st October.
  2. Ignore the first day. Count the full days in November: 30.
  3. Add the 24 days of December before Christmas to the countdown: 30 + 24 = 54.
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