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Created by Luciano Miño
Reviewed by Komal Rafay
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

With our hour countdown calculator, you can quickly obtain the hours between any two times.

If you've ever wondered how many hours there are between two different times or how many hours are left for a specific date, this tool can help immensely.

We've paired this calculator with a short text detailing:

  • How to calculate hours between two dates;
  • How many hours are there between 9 am and 4 pm; and
  • When should you use this calculator.

How do you calculate hours between two dates?

To calculate the hours between any two dates:

  1. Multiply the difference in days between the dates by 24.
  2. Add this number to the difference between each day's hours using a 24-hour format. To find this difference, use the formula:
    hours difference = later day hours - earlier date hours.
    This number can be negative.
  3. The result is the time difference in hours.

If you want to know how to obtain the difference in days between the dates quickly, check our days between dates calculator 📅.

Let's take a look at some examples next.

How many hours are there between 9 am and 4 pm?

There are 7 hours between 09:00 A.M. and 04:00 P.M. You can quickly obtain the hours between two times on the same day by subtracting the earlier hour from the later hour using a 24-hour format: 16 - 9 = 7.

If the dates were different, let's say Aug 8 16:00 and Dec 22 09:00:

  1. According to our step-by-step above, we would need to multiply the difference in days between them by 24 first. There are 136 days between these dates, so:
    136 × 24 = 3264.
  2. Now, for the difference in hours:
    later day hours - earlier date hours = 9 - 16 = -7.
  3. By adding these results, we get the total hours between Aug 8 16:00 and Dec 22 09:00:
    3264 + (-7) = 3257.

Verify this result using our hour countdown calculator!

When to use this hour countdown calculator

This tool can aid you in multiple instances, for example:

  • Checking how many hours are left until you leave work to go back home to your dogs 🐕;
  • Calculating the hours left until the next episode of your favorite show airs; or
  • Obtaining the number of hours between any two events.

Give it a try! Input any two dates using the dropdown selectors, and our calculator will tell you exactly how many hours are between them.


How many hours are there in a week?

168 hours. Each day has twenty-four hours and a week has seven days. To find the total number of hours in a week, you need to multiply the number of days by the duration of each day:

24 × 7 = 168.

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