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Last updated: Sep 11, 2023

Our birthday countdown calculator can help you tune your excitement for your upcoming birthday with a simple yet effective countdown. Keep reading to learn:

  • A short history of the birthday;
  • How to use our date of birthday countdown calculator;

and much more. How many days until your birthday? We have the answer!

The culture of the birthday

Across the world, in every moment of recorded history, humans had a particular regard for the birthday, the annual celebration of the anniversary of birth. As we count our age in years, a measure of the time required by Earth to revolve around the Sun, a birthday is a regular milestone we, more or less happily, meet every 365 (or 366, from time to time) days.

Birthday celebrations date back to ancient Egypt when glorious celebrations across the kingdom met the occasion of the anniversary of the pharaoh.

Religions met the concept of birthdays with alternating feelings. Initially, Christianity saw these celebrations as the perpetuation of pagan traditions. With the expansion of this religion and the assimilation of traditions from other cultures, the view changed: by "joining" pre-existing traditions (such as Yule or the Saturnalia) to the birthday of Jesus, the opinion on everyone celebrating their birthday relaxed.

Cultures worldwide celebrate birthdays differently: from cakes to songs, from reunions to parties: are you ready for your "happy birthday to you"?

How to use our birthday countdown calculator

We created a birthday clock countdown! Not only can we tell you how many days until your next birthday, but we can also tell you the hours, the minutes, and the seconds (if you specify your birth hour, of course!).

To use our birthday countdown calculator from a date:

  1. Change the date in the field To to your birthday. Don't choose your birth year: we are not counting your age!
    • You can select a year in the future if you want to know how many days until your birthday of 100 years, for example
  2. Make sure that the date in the field From corresponds to the one you want. By default, we set it at today's midnight.

We'll print the result of your birthday clock countdown at the bottom of our tool.

Other countdown calculators


How do you count birthdays on leap years?

If you were born on the 29th of February, your exact birthday would fall only once every 4 years. However, your age would still grow as the one of everyone else. You can celebrate your birthday on the 28th of February, or the 1st of March, and have a bigger celebration on leap years. And don't forget about making jokes!

How can I calculate a birthday countdown?

To calculate a birthday countdown from any date, follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down the date of your birthday.
  2. Subtract the starting date from the date of your birthday.
  3. If the chosen date is after your birthday, subtract the days from New Year's Eve to the chosen date and from your birthday to New Year's Eve, and sum these two results.

You'll get a precise result if you consider the exact duration of the months. If you also consider hours and minutes, you can create a birthday countdown clock!

Davide Borchia
77 days,
18 hours,
3 minutes,
14 seconds
until your birthday! 🎂🎁
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