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If you need a fast way to convert ounces to kilograms, this ounce-to-kg converter is absolutely for you. Ounce (abbreviated as oz) is a unit of weight and knowing how to convert it to other weight units like kilograms (kg) can help you visualize large quantities of weight in ounces.

In this converter, we present to you:

  • How to calculate ounces to kg;
  • How to use this ounce to kg converter; and
  • Some ounce to kg conversion examples.

Keep on reading to get started.

How to calculate ounces to kg

To understand how ounce to kg conversion works, let us first discuss how they are related. Ounce, an imperial unit, has a relatively straightforward relationship with other weight imperial units such as pounds. One pound is actually equal to 16 ounces. On the other hand, one pound is approximately 0.45359237 kilograms (an SI unit).

Since we now know that there are around 0.45359237 kilograms per pound and 16 ounces per pound, we can multiply any weight in ounces (say we denote as wozw_\text{oz}) by 0.45359237 kglb0.45359237\ \tfrac{\text{kg}}{\text{lb}} and divide it by 16 ozlb16\ \tfrac{\text{oz}}{\text{lb}} to find the weight in kilograms (which we can denote as wkgw_\text{kg}).

wkg=woz×0.45359237 kglb16 ozlb=woz×0.028349523 kgoz\begin{align*} w_\text{kg} &= w_\text{oz}\times \frac{0.45359237\ \tfrac{\text{kg}}{\text{lb}}}{16\ \tfrac{\text{oz}}{lb}}\\\\ &= w_\text{oz}\times 0.028349523\ \tfrac{\text{kg}}{\text{oz}} \end{align*}

Now that we know how to convert ounces to kg, how about we discuss how to convert oz to kg using our tool? 🙂

How to convert oz to kg using our ounce to kg converter

Since we already have a multiplying factor to convert ounces to kg, it now only takes one step to convert oz to kg using our tool. That is to enter weight in ounces, and our tool will display its equivalent value in kilograms.

You can also change the units of the resulting answer if you're curious. There are also more units in our tool's Advanced mode. You can access that by clicking the Advanced mode button below our calculator widget.

💡 Our calculator works both ways! That means you can also enter weights in other units to find their equivalent value in ounces. How cool is that? 😊

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How much is 8 oz in kg?

8 ounces is approximately 0.226796 kg. To get that value:

  1. First, convert 8 oz to pounds by multiplying it by 1/16 pounds per ounce to get 0.5 lbs.
  2. Then, multiply 0.5 lbs by 0.45359237 kilograms per pound to get 0.226796 kg.

How many kg is in 18 oz?

18 ounces is approximately half a kilogram, precisely 0.510291 kg. We can quickly get that value in kilograms by multiplying 18 ounces by 0.028349523: 18 oz × 0.028349523 = 0.510291 kg. On the other hand, we get its equivalent value in pounds by devising it by 16: 18 oz ÷ 16 = 1.125 lbs.

How do I convert oz to kg?

To convert ounce to kilograms, you can:

  • Multiply the weight in ounces by 0.028349523 kg/oz to directly get the weight in kilograms; or
  • By first converting ounces to pounds by dividing the weight in ounces by 16, then by converting pounds to kg by multiplying the resulting quotient by 0.45359237.
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