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Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

How Many Tables Calculator is a tool that helps you find the correct table size for a party, wedding, or your living room. It may also work in another way round - type your table's size to know how many seats are available. This calculator has an additional option to find the number of tables needed for a specific number of guests. If you ever wondered how many people can sit at an 8-foot table, this calculator is for you!

Seats at the rectangular table

Most of the tables are typically in rectangular or round shapes. By rectangular table, you may sit people by the longer sides, set as a length in the How many tables calculator. Most rectangular tables are not wide, so that a maximum one person can sit at the head. If you want to sit people there, the calculator will provide you the proper value at the bottom of the tool.

For each person to sit comfortably, the calculator assumes 60 cm of space, but if you think it should be changed for specific reasons, use advanced mode and change it.

Round table seats

For the calculator purposes, there is a second type to choose at the first step so that you will be able to calculate how many people may sit on your round table as well.

The most significant benefit from the round table is that your guests may use every piece of it. However, as space is round, more space for each person is required. The calculator assumes that 70 cm for every round table seats. If you think that this value is not appropriate in your case, you may easily change it in advanced mode.

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How many tables for guests at my wedding?

The how many tables calculator can help you organize big parties or even weddings. If your question is, how many tables for 150 guests, choose the option "How many tables do I need?" provide the size and shape of your tables and the number of guests. The calculator will give you an instant result of how many such tables you need.

For example, if you want to calculate how many round tables you need for 200 guests at your wedding. Your tables' radius is 150 cm. It means that 13 people can sit at one table this size. To calculate how many of them you need, then how many tables calculator will divide 200/13 and the result - the number of tables you need will be equal to 16.

How to use the how many tables calculator?

  1. First step is to choose what calculation you would like to do. You may either find the number of tables you need to get the accurate number of seats or calculate how many seats your table has.
  2. Next step is to choose between rectangular and round table shape.
  3. You may use advanced mode to set how much space you would like to provide to each person at the table. By default, it is 60 cm for a rectangular table and 70 cm for round one.
  4. Provide the length or radius (depending on the shape) of your table.
  5. The result of your calculation is at the bottom!

8 seater dining table example

Imagine an example of 8 seater dining table at your home. Let's compare a rectangle and round table options.

Rectangular table

For a rectangular table with default 60 cm per person:
Number of people = (Length / 60cm) × 2

The formula contains multiplier by two because the calculator assumes that people may sit on both sides of the table.

To calculate the table's length, we modify the formula.
Length = (Number of people / 2) × 60 cm = (8 / 2) × 60cm = 240 cm

You may also try using the calculator for six people to get the length and sit two remaining people at the head of the table.

Length = (6 / 2 × 60cm) = 180 cm

You may sit 8 people by 180 cm table if the table's head will be used to seat two people.

Round table

Using the same data in How many tables calculator to find the size of rounded table:

Number of people = 2π × radius / 70 cm

Modify the formula above to get radius value

Radius = Number of people × 70 cm / 2π = 8 × 70 cm / (2 × 3.14) = approx. 90 cm

The above results mean that if you want to have an eight-seater dining table, you need to have either a 240 cm length rectangular table or 180 cm with seats at the head of the rectangular table or round table, which radius is around 90 cm.

Once you know your guests and table perfectly, you may focus on the meals you will prepare! Check our tools to calculate:

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