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Wall Square Footage Calculator

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How to calculate square footage of a wall? The wall square footage calculatorHow to figure square footage of a wall?DIY walls designFAQs

Decorating or renovating? We know how difficult and stressful that can be. That's why we created the wall square footage calculator to help you with these tasks - no matter what wall covering you decide on 🖌️

Follow our article below to discover how to find square feet of a wall - you'll also learn some tips & suggestions on how to improve your walls' design.

How to calculate square footage of a wall? The wall square footage calculator

Figuring out square feet has never been easier - follow closely the instructions below to learn how to find square feet of a wall!

  1. Choose your room's shape:
  • Rectangle - input the lengths of two walls that touch the same corner;
  • Square - input the length of one wall; and
  • Other - enter the total measured length of all the walls.

💡 If you are painting or wallpapering, you can also calculate the wall square footage needed for walls of any shape using our area calculator.

  1. Enter your ceiling's height:

If you plan to have a dropped ceiling, remember to consider it. It may be important when figuring out square feet.

  1. Estimate the number of doors in your room:
  • Our standard door is 21 ft² (1.95 m²).
  • For double doors, multiply the number of doors by 2.
  1. Estimate the number of windows in your room:
  • Our standard window is 12 ft² (1.11 m²).
  • If you don't have any windows in your room, type 0.
  1. Your wall footage is here! Now that you know how to calculate square footage of a wall, what's your next step?
  • Are you planning to buy wallpaper? 🌺
  • Or are you more keen on vinyl wall panels? 🌸

We can help you in both cases: try our wallpaper calculator and our vinyl siding calculator.

How to figure square footage of a wall?

It doesn't matter whether you're thinking how to calculate wall square footage for paint or for wallpaper - it's the same. Use these pieces of advise to improve your ability to figure out the square feet of your wall:

Precise measurement is the key 🔑 - no matter if you're using the wall sq ft calculator or computing everything yourself:

  • Start with drawing a plan of your room/house - it'll make it easier to measure and store data;

  • Alway use the proper equipment - a steel tape measure or a yardstick;

  • Measure the length of your walls, including both doors and windows; and

  • Determine the height of your walls - measure them from the floor to ceiling. Exclude the length of a dropped ceiling or moulding (coving).

It's math time! Let's find out how to calculate the square feet of a wall.

So how do we calculate the square feet of a wall? The equation is simple:

walls square footage = total length of the walls × ceiling height

But how to calculate sq ft of a wall with doors and windows? 🤔

corrected wall square footage = wall square footage - windows area × number of windows - door area * number of doors

Now it's time to figure out the square feet of windows and doors - take a look at the standard sizes, presented in the table below:


3 x 4 ft

12 ft²


3 x 7 ft

21 ft²

That's how to calculate square feet of a wall. Are you still at the beginning of your journey, not yet sure about the number of planned doors and windows? Try our basic construction calculators:

DIY walls design

After learning how to find the square feet of a wall, why not to go wild? When planning wall decorations, we usually think in the box. It's time to let it go!

  1. Tape

Tape allows you to do any kind of geometrical design you could possibly think of. Wall split in half? You got it. Complex geometrical, colorful shapes? Hold my beer.

The most crucial part about tape decoration is to buy good tape. Trust us - it's better to spend a few bucks more on tape than to have all your hard work destroyed in the blink of an eye.

  1. Frames 🖼️

Vast, empty frames glued to a wall/wardrobe, painted with the very same color. These details can truly add to a feeling of prestige to the interior of a house.

  1. Your walls don't have to be identical

Play with different colors, textures, wallpapers, and materials. If you know how to figure the square footage of a wall, the world is yours!

  1. Moulding (no, we're not talking about the typical ceiling one.)

Moulding can create simple, yet elegant and exciting details on your walls - not to mention it's extremely easy to apply!


How do I calculate wall square footage?

To calculate a room's wall square footage:

  1. Pick a wall.
  2. Find its width and height (in ft).
  3. Multiply both dimensions together.
  4. Repeat for every wall in the room and add the results together.
  5. The outcome is the room's wall square footage.
  6. Alternatively, you can add each wall's width and multiply the result by the room's height.

How many square feet is a 10x10 wall?

100 square feet (ft²). A ten feet wide by ten feet tall wall has a square footage (or area) of 100 square feet. To get that result, you need to multiply its width by its height.

How many square feet is a 12x12 wall?

A 12×12 ft wall is 144 square ft. To find the square footage of any wall, you need to multiply its width by its height.

Is 12 inches by 12 inches a square foot?

Yes. Since a foot is 12 inches, and a square foot is the area a foot-wide by a foot-long object covers, 12 inches by 12 inches is indeed a square foot.

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