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If you are going to start construction work and you want to optimize your costs, this brick calculator is your new best friend. This brick wall calculator will help you estimate how many bricks you need to cover a particular wall surface. Together with this tool is the brick-mortar calculator, which will also enable you to order the other materials you will need, like cement and sand, for your mortar. We recommend you head to our mortar calculator to learn more about mortar and its components.

Keep on reading to learn how the brick calculator works and how you can use it to accurately estimate how many bricks and how much mortar you will need for your project.

How many bricks do I need for my brick wall?

If you are wondering how many bricks you do need, it's always better to calculate it than to guess it. Otherwise, in all probability, you'll either run out of them, or you'll have too many left.

The first step you can do to determine the number of bricks you will use is to consider the surface you want to cover with them. To do it by yourself, you have to calculate:

  • The area that a single brick covers;
  • The size of the mortar joint; and
  • The area of the wall.

You can work out how many bricks you need using this simple equation:

bricks needed = (L × H) / ((l + t) × (h + t)),


  • L — Length of the wall;
  • H — Height of the wall;
  • l — Length of a brick;
  • t — Thickness of mortar joint; and
  • h — Height of a brick.
Image of brick wall under construction with its corresponding dimensions.

Our brick calculator will help you estimate how many bricks you need. There is also a function that counts the wastage, which means the percentage of the bricks that can be destroyed or written-off. As a result, the brick calculator provides you with two numbers. The first one tells how many bricks you will need to build a wall of particular dimensions, while the second one shows how many bricks you need when considering the inevitable wastage.

How do I use the brick calculator?

Using our brick calculator is very easy. All you have to do is key in the values needed, and our brick wall calculator will display the results right away. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Select the wall type you plan to build — either a brick wall with a single stack or a double stack. A double wall is what you want if you plan to build a brick wall sandwich with insulation between the layers.

  2. Type in the brick wall's length and height or its total area.

  3. Optional: Open the calculator section called "Brick details" and enter the dimensions of the brick you wish to use and your desired mortar joint thickness.

  4. With the above measurements, you will already know how many bricks you need. Enter a wastage percentage to know how many bricks to order.

You can also enter the price of the brick you plan to use to find out how much it will cost to buy the bricks.

Using the brick mortar calculator feature

The brick wall calculator is a useful tool for every builder, no matter their level of experience. This tool makes it easy to estimate how many bricks and mortar materials you need to finish a particular job. With the brick mortar calculator feature, you can avoid buying too much or too little of the materials you need, saving your time and money.

Imagine the effort you'll save if you avoid paying for excess and having to deal with the delay and hassle that comes with needing to reorder. There are, of course, many different ways to estimate the number you need, but the more accurate the estimation is, the better it is for you.

Here are the steps on how to expand this tool to become a brick mortar calculator:

  1. Answer Yes to the question: Want to see the materials for your mortar?.
  2. If you have already worked out the number of bricks needed, you will instantly see the volume of the mortar needed. Enter your probable wastage percentage to find out how much dry volume of materials you need.
  3. Choose your desired mortar mix ratio. Select one that best suits your needs.
  4. You will then see thequantities of cement and sand you need.
  5. Input the size of an available cement bag on the market to find out how many bags you have to buy.

Other considerations

If you're involved in interior decorating and need to know how many tiles you need to cover a wall or room, you'll be better off using our dedicated tile calculator that works together with our grout calculator. You can also estimate the usage of other building materials; if you want to plan how much cement you will need to buy when redoing your garden, check out our concrete calculator.


How many bricks per square foot of brick wall?

A brick wall needs approximately 5 bricks per square foot with the standard 7.5" × 3.5" bricks. We also need the same number of bricks per square foot with the standard size of 9.5" × 2.75" bricks. The larger the bricks are, the fewer bricks we need to cover a square foot.

How do I calculate the bricks I need?

To estimate the number of bricks:

  1. Decide on the mortar thickness you want to use and add it to the length of your brick.
  2. Add the mortar thickness to the height of your brick.
  3. Multiply these sums together to get the area of a brick with mortar on one side and its bottom.
  4. Divide your wall area by the product you got from step 3 to find your needed brick quantity.

How do I build a brick wall?

To build a brick wall:

  1. After obtaining the needed materials, make sure you have a level surface to begin with.
  2. Apply a "Toblerone"-shaped mortar to the leveled surface for the entire length of the wall.
  3. Start laying bricks from one corner while applying mortar between two adjacent bricks.
  4. Once you finished the entire length of the wall, repeat step two, considering the top surface of the first layer as the new leveled surface.

How many bricks will I need to build a wall?

You will need approximately 38 bricks per foot length for an 8-foot wall if the bricks are the standard 7.5" × 3.5" bricks or 9.5" × 2.75" bricks with ²/₅" thick mortar joints. However, larger bricks take up a larger area, and means fewer bricks overall.

How much cement do I need for 1000 bricks?

You need approximately 120 kg (263 lbs) of cement for 1000 pieces of standard 9.5" × 2.75" bricks. Additionally, you will need around 0.4 cubic meters (0.54 cubic yards) of sand to mix with your cement to make a 1:5 mortar mix for your brick wall.

Wall details

Illustration showing the dimensions of the wall and bricks to be used and the mortar joint thickness.

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