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Welcome to Omni Calculator's steps to km calculator, an indispensable friend of every avid walker! With our tool, you'll discover:

  • How to convert steps to km and km to steps;
  • How to estimate the stride length; and
  • How to calculate how many km you walked by steps.

Steps to km conversion

The quickest way is to use the method of average step. The average step length is:

  • 0.76 m for a man; and
  • 0.67 m for a woman.

Another way is to assume that the average step length is around 40% of the person's height. More precisely, the coefficient for each sex is 41.5% for men and 41.3% for women, which gives us the following formulas:

male step length = 0.415 × his height

female step length = 0.413 × her height

Once the stride length is known, to convert steps to km, it suffices to multiply it by the number of steps:

distance = step length × number of steps

For instance, for 10,000 steps, we get:

distance = step length × 10,000

So, if we know our walker is a man 1.76 m tall:

step length = 0.415 × 1.76 m = 0.73 m


distance = 0.73 m × 10,000 = 7300 m = 7.3 km

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How to use this steps to km calculator

Omni's steps to km conversion calculator can use three methods to convert steps to km:

  1. If you want to get the result quickly, use the approximation based on the average step length method discussed in the previous section. Choose the walker's sex and input the number of steps, and the distance covered in km will immediately get computed and displayed at the bottom of our steps to km converter.

  2. Another, bit more precise method asks for the walker's height and sex and uses it to estimate your step length. To quench your curiosity, the estimated result is displayed by the steps to km calculator, along with the distance covered for the number of steps you specify.

  3. The last method is the most precise and gives you an exact number of kilometers you covered in a given number of steps. However, you must first measure your step length on your own and input it into the appropriate field of the tool.

Are you more used to miles and feet and inches? Our steps to miles calculator covers this very topic, but from the imperial perspective!

km to steps conversion

This tool can also serve as a km to steps calculator. If you're wondering how many steps it takes to cover 1 km or any other distance, use our tool as usual, but input the distance and leave the number of steps empty. Our converter will fill it in for you!

If you want to perform this computation by hand, use the following km to steps conversion formula:

number of steps = distance / stride length

Assuming the stride length of 0.67 m (so the female version) and remembering that 1 km is 1000 m, we have

number of steps = 1000 / 0.67 = 1492.5

To get this result using Omni Calculator's steps to km calculator, just set the distance to 1 km, making sure that the female is being selected first. Can you work out on your own the answer we'd get for a male walker?


How many kilometers is 10,000 steps?

Ten thousand steps is around seven to eight kilometers, depending on the step length. A woman with an average step length of 67 cm covers 10,000 steps with a distance of 6.7 km. For a man with an average step of 76 cm, it's 7.6 km.

Use Omni Calculator's steps to km calculator to determine more precisely how many km you'll cover when you walk 10,000 steps.

How many steps in a kilometer?

It takes about 1,300 to 1,500 steps to walk a kilometer. The exact number depends on your stride length. If we take the average step length (which is around 67 cm for women and 76 cm for men), then one kilometer contains 1,316 male steps and 1,493 female steps.

How do I convert steps to km?

To convert steps to km:

  • If you know your step length, multiply it by the number of steps to get the distance covered.
  • Otherwise, you can use the average step length, which is estimated to be 76 cm for men and 67 cm for women. Again, multiply by the number of steps to obtain the distance you've covered.

How do I calculate how many km I walked by steps?

For an average stride length of 74 cm, you'll walk around 0.74 km (or 740 m) with 1,000 steps. This means that 2,000 steps convert to 1.48 km, 3,000 steps to 2.22 km, and so on. Therefore, 10,000 steps is 7.4 km.

How do I convert km to steps?

For an average stride length of 74 cm, 1 kilometer means 1,351 steps. 2 km convert to 2,703 steps, 3 km to 4,054 steps, and so on. 10 km converts to 13,514 steps.

How many steps is equal to 5 km?

5 km is equal to 6,755 steps, if we consider an average stride length of 74 cm. If your stride is shorter, you'll need more steps to cover 5 km. And conversely, with a longer stride, you'll need fewer steps.

How many km to walk 10000 steps?

To walk 10,000 steps, you'll need to walk about 7.6–8 km. The exact distance depends on your stride length, which depends on your height, anatomical predispositions, and fitness.

How many steps to walk 1.6 km?

You'll need roughly 2,000–2,200 steps to walk 1.6 km. The precise number of steps is up to your stride length, height, and fitness level. It doesn't depend on your pace, though!

How to calculate how many km I walked by steps?

If you know your stride length, you can multiply the number of steps you took by the length of one step:

distance walked = steps × stride length.

You can also use a general converter: on average, 1,000 steps equals 0.74 km.

How to calculate steps?

To calculate your steps, you can:

  1. Install a specific app on your smartphone;
  2. Use a smartwatch;
  3. Use a pedometer; or
  4. Measure your step length, and then divide a known distance by it. The result will be the number of steps you've taken on this specific distance.

How to calculate step length?

To calculate step length:

  1. Measure a distance you want to perform the test on.

  2. Mark the start and finish of it.

  3. Walk that distance exactly from the starting point to the finishing one. Count the number of steps on a pedometer, or in your head.

  4. Divide the distance by the steps. That's your step length!

    step length = distance/number of steps

  5. Alternatively, you can use a general coefficient: multiply your height in meters by 0.415 if you're male, and 0.413 if you're female.

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