The time difference calculator makes subtracting time easier. It can work as both a clock time difference calculator, which finds the duration between two events (e.g., determine how much time passed from 9:34 to 11:03), or as a calculate the difference between two times calculator (e.g., the time of two runner's sprints).

From the text below you can learn how to calculate time difference on your own.

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How to use the time difference calculator?

Let's see how to calculate the time difference in two different cases.

To check how long something lasted:

  1. Enter the start time in its 24-hour format. For example, 1:30 pm would be "13 hrs 30 min".

  2. Enter the end time. For example, 3:40 pm would look like this: "15 hrs 40 min".

  3. The clock time difference calculator outputs an absolute value, so the order in which you input times doesn't matter.

  4. The resulting time difference will be an event duration. In our case, "2 hrs 10 min".

To check differences between two durations:

  1. Choose the time units. You can have different ones for "Time 1", "Time 2", and "Time difference" (you can subtract seconds from days, hours from months, etc.)

  2. Enter the two times; the order is up to you.

  3. The calculator displays the difference in duration at the bottom.

In the text below, you'll find more detailed examples for each type of time difference calculation.

Calculate the difference between two times

Let's say you're measuring runners' times with a stopwatch. The first runner finished the distance in 4 min 35 s and the second one did it in 3 min 56 s. You want to know the time difference of their scores.

  1. Enter "4 min 35 s" in one field of the time difference calculator. Leave the hours place empty, and the calculator will automatically fill in the "0".

  2. Enter "3 min 56 s" in the other field of the time difference calculator.

  3. You'll see that the time difference equals 39 seconds.

Clock time difference calculator

You may want to check how long it took you to finish some tasks. You started at 1:47 pm and finished at 3:21 pm. In this case:

  1. Input the start time in its 24-hour format in one field. This would be "13 hrs 47 min 0 sec".

  2. Input the end time - "15 hrs 21 min 0 s" in the other field of the time difference calculator.

  3. The time difference calculator will determine that the task took you 1 hrs 34 min.

How to calculate the time difference?

  1. If you want to calculate the difference between two times, it may be easier to first convert them to one common unit. For example, if you want to subtract 54 min from 1 h 21 min:

    1 h 21 min = 60 min + 21 min = 81 min

And subtract:

81 min - 54 min = 27 min

  1. Sometimes converting wouldn't make sense, e.g., if you wanted to subtract 1 h 1 min 1 s from 2 h 20 min 22 s, In this case, it's easier to subtract hours from hours, minutes from minutes, and so on:

    2 h - 1 h = 1 h

    20 min - 1 min = 19 min

    22 s - 1 s = 21 s


2 h 20 min 22 s - 1 h 1 min 1 s = 1 h 19 min 21 s

Rita Rain
💡 Tip: To calculate the time difference between two clock times, use their 24-hour time format.
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