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Sofa Dimensions for 2, 3, 4 and 5 Person Couches (Charts & Diagrams); Home Stratosphere; 11 August 2021See 1 more source
Glenn PrescotWhat are Standard Sofa/Couch Dimensions for 2-3-4 Persons?;Epic Home Ideas
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

This sofa size calculator will help you choose the best sofa for the size of your apartment 🏡 while ensuring you will be able to get it past all entry points.

Choosing the correct size sofa for your apartment is essential if you would like to ensure it looks and feels right in your space. So if you are an interior decorator, a college student on your own for the first time hoping to get a sofa that can fit into your tiny apartment, or just a homeowner interested in making your home look its best, you have come to the right place 😀.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • What a sofa is;
  • The historical difference between a couch and a sofa;
  • The different types of sofas (couches);
  • Standard sofa sizes;
  • How to use our sofa size calculator; and
  • How to choose the best size sofa for your home.

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What is the difference between a sofa and a couch? Sofa vs. Couch

In recent years the words sofa and couch have been used interchangeably to refer to the same piece of furniture. However, there is a definite historical difference between a sofa and a couch. If you are shopping for one or the other, understanding these differences may come in handy.

So what is a sofa, exactly? The word sofa was originally used to refer to an upholstered bench with two arms and a backrest designed for sitting. On the other hand, a couch was a piece of furniture whose primary purpose was for lying down. As a result, a couch's design reflected this. Many couches had one arm or none at all.

Today these differences are generally ignored as we use the words couch and sofa interchangeably to refer to upholstered seats meant for either sitting or lying.

What are five different types of sofas or couches?

There are many different styles of sofas or couches available today. Some styles are:

  • Loveseat
    A loveseat (also called a courting bench or kissing bench) is a two-seater chair with a high back, a bench-like seat, or two separate seats. Loveseats are smaller than standard sofas.

  • Settee sofa
    Initially, the word settee refers to a wooden bench with arms and a high back. However, today a settee is also upholstered, but not as plushly as many other types of sofas. As such, settees do not encourage a person to linger long.

  • Sectionals
    The word sectional refers to several pieces of furniture designed to be used together or apart. It is typically used to refer to an L-shaped combination with one piece shaped like a recliner.

  • Chesterfield sofa
    The term chesterfield sofa refers to a type of sofa with rolled arms and a back of the same height. The arms and back are of one piece instead of several pieces.

  • Recliner sofa
    A recliner is a sofa that can change shape from the typical upright sofa to a more reclined position, ideal for relaxing after a long day or for watching TV.

Standard sofa sizes (Couch sizes)

Although each design may not adhere to these measurements, some standard sofa sizes are used by designers and retailers. Typically we buy sofas based on the number of persons they can accommodate at once, and these numbers are based on the standardized measurements shown in the table below:

Seating accommodation

Measurement (inches)

2 seater


3 seater


4 seater


5 seater


NB: Because the width of the arms differs from sofa to sofa, the seat's width is used in the above table since these are more standardized. Our sofa size calculator, however, uses the sofa's total width when calculating the necessary space to maneuver it and only use the length of the seat to suggest the best couch size for your space.

Because the width of the arms differs from couch to couch, a total of 12 inches is used to cater for the width of the arms.

If you are uncomfortable with the imperial system of measurement and want to have the above measurements converted to a unit that you are more comfortable with, our length converter is just the tool for you. With this calculator, you will be able to enter your measurements in the unit of your choice and see their equivalent in other measurement systems.

The importance of choosing the correct length, width and depth for your couch

Choosing the correct sofa length has much to do with the space available in your apartment. Additionally, for practicality, we must also consider the size of the doorway and other points of entry.

To choose the correct length of sofa for your home, measure the length of your space. Next, subtract 2 feet to cater for the walking room on either side.

The width, height, and depth of all entry points also need to be measured and taken into consideration when choosing a sofa for your home. This is necessary to ensure you can get your desired piece of furniture into your home.

You may also want to consider the correct depth of your couch as well as the height of the seat.

The depth ideally does not have much effect on your space or ability to get it into your apartment. However, choosing the correct seat depth and height is a major consideration for your future comfort. Depending on the height of your family members and how you prefer to use your couch, these two factors will prove very important.

For instance:

  • If your family is tall, you may want to use a deeper inside depth and more seat height. This is to accommodate the extra length of your legs when in a sitting position.

  • If you prefer to use your couch for lying, then more inside depth will suit your needs better.

  • For shorter persons, a 24-inch seat depth may leave you feeling quite uncomfortable when in a seated position. Also, higher seats may cause your feet to dangle when sitting down.

  • If you plan to add throw cushions, you will need more seat depth to accommodate these.

To choose the correct depth or height for your family, simply try sitting on the couch to get the right feel for which depth and height best suit your needs.

🙋 The inside sofa seat depth refers to the width of the seat measured from the front to the back of the sofa cushion.

How to measure your space to buy a sofa

Sometimes it is easy to become excited by the various sizes and styles of furniture you wish to buy. However, you also need to remain practical. You need to ensure that once you buy your sofa, you will be able to get it into your home. Additionally, there must be room to maneuver around it easily, or you will soon grow to regret your purchase.

For practical purposes, when measuring for a sofa, there are several things you need to take into accommodation:

  • The height, width, and depth of your lift, if you have one;
Measure your lift to fit sofa
h = width, i = depth, j = height.
  • The width of your stairs at its narrowest point;
Measure the width of the stair.
g = the width of the stair.
  • The width of any hallway;
  • The space available at your door:
    Here you will need to measure the height and width; and
How to measure your door for sofa.
n = height, m = width.
  • The length of the space you have identified as the final resting place for your couch 😝.

How to calculate the correct size sofa for your space

Calculating the correct sofa size for your space is pretty straightforward. Our sofa size calculator can help you to do this in a snap. However, if you would like an explanation of what goes into choosing the correct size couch, keep reading.

  1. To get the best sofa frame height for your space measure:

    • The width of the staircase at its narrowest point;
    • The width of the lift; and
    • The width of your doorway at its narrowest point.
  1. Choose the narrowest of the measurements taken above.

  2. Subtract 4 inches to allow for enough room for the movers to be able to maneuver the furniture into the space.

  3. Next, measure the height of the lift and subtract 4 inches to get the maximum total width of the couch.

  4. Measure the length of the area in your home where you wish to place the sofa.

  5. Subtract 24 inches to allow for enough space to maneuver around this piece of furniture.

Leave enough space to maneuver around the sofa.
  1. Compare the measurements found in steps 4 and 6 and choose the smaller one. This is the width of your couch.
  2. Lastly, measure the depth of your lift and subtract 4 inches. This is the correct depth of sofa for your home.

How to use our sofa size calculator

To use this sofa size calculator, you first need to measure these things if they apply to your situation:

  • The length of the area in which you wish to fit the sofa;
  • The width of your doorway;
  • The height, width, and depth of your lift; and lastly
  • The width of your staircase.

Once you have these measurements, simply:

  1. Choose the point of entry: lift or staircase.
  2. Choose yes if there is a hallway or no if there is not.
  3. Enter the related information for these points of entry.
  4. You also need to enter the width of your door.
  5. The entire length of the space available where you plan to place your sofa.

Now, our sofa size calculator has the measurements of the sofa that will best suit your space and the number it will seat.


How do I figure out if a 5 seater couch will suit my space?

To calculate the correct size couch or sofa to suit your space:

  1. Measure the area where you intend to place your couch.

  2. Measure the width of your door.

  3. Subtract 2 inches to get the best height.

  4. Using the measurements above, subtract 24 inches to cater for the walking room and 12 inches for the width of the arms.

  5. The above measurement is the maximum length of the seat of the couch. Adjust it to suit the closest of the standard couch sizes without going over.

Is the height of the seat important when buying a sofa?

The height of the seat is certainly important when buying a couch or sofa. The seat height will affect your comfort level when seated. A low couch will be uncomfortable to sit on for tall people. It will cause their legs to stick up awkwardly.

Conversely, a high seat may cause the legs of a short person to dangle off the floor when seated, making it difficult to sit or stand when necessary.

Is it possible to have a sofa that is longer than 108 inches?

Of course, it is possible. To have a sofa longer than the standard 108 inches, you will need to have one custom-built. You can ask about the opportunity to have your furniture custom-made at your furniture store or go online to find one that will custom-build furniture to suit your needs.

I am 6 feet tall, what size couch should I buy for reclining?

The smallest couch you can buy for your needs is a 3 seater. It will fit your 6 feet frame and have 6 inches to spare.

However, a four or five-seater (90 or 108 inches) may be more to your liking. Either of these will have enough space left over to accommodate your needs if you love lots of space, are a restless sleeper, or have a craving for company.

Adena Benn
Understanding sofa dimensions.
Point of entry
Is there a hallway?
External measurements
Lift height
Lift width
Lift depth
Hallway width
Width of door
Internal measurements
Wall length
The dimensions of your sofa should be no greater than the measurements below:
Sofa total depth
Sofa frame height
Sofa total width
The best couch size for your space is a 2 seater.
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