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This fuel mileage calculator or gas mileage calculator will help you estimate the distance a vehicle can reach a unit volume of fuel. Knowing your vehicle's fuel mileage can help you decide how much to refill if you know the distance you're traveling. Before we go straight to the text, here are the thing you can expect to learn:

  • What fuel mileage is;
  • How to calculate fuel mileage; and
  • How to use this fuel mileage calculator.

Let's get started!

What is fuel mileage and how to calculate it

Fuel mileage is the distance a vehicle can go in miles per gallon (or MPG). We can also express it in kilometers per liter, depending on your preference. Fuel mileage is similar to fuel economy, and they are interchangeable. To calculate fuel mileage, you can use this formula:

Fuel mileage=Distance traveledFuel used\scriptsize \text{Fuel mileage} = \frac{\text{Distance traveled}}{\text{Fuel used}}

That same formula is where our tool revolves. Please keep reading to learn how to use our fuel or gas mileage calculator.

🙋 For some tips on how to save on fuel or gas, check out our gas calculator. We've got some more valuable information there.

How to use this calculator

Here are the steps in using our fuel mileage calculator:

  1. Enter the distance traveled.
  2. Input the amount of fuel used during that trip.
  3. Expect our tool to display the fuel mileage in miles per US gallons (US mpg) by default. You can also choose different units for the fuel mileage, like kilometers per liter (kmpl) or miles per UK gallons (UK mpg).

Our calculator is intuitive and can work in different ways. That means you can also calculate the distance traveled by leaving it blank and by entering values for the fuel used and the fuel mileage.

You can also use our tool in Advanced mode to enter fuel price to determine the trip cost. At the same time, our calculator will also display the fuel consumption (basically the reciprocal of fuel mileage) for your reference.

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What is a good fuel mileage?

Good and decent fuel mileage ranges from 29 to 33 miles per gallon and above (or 8 to 7 L/100km). Very efficient cars can go above that. In comparison, older models and heavier vehicles can have difficulty reaching that range, especially in city driving.

How far can I travel with 1 liter of fuel?

You can travel a distance of around 8 miles (12.875 km) with a liter of fuel if your car runs at least 30 miles per US gallon (12.75 kilometers per liter). If you have a more efficient vehicle, say with fuel mileage of 35 miles per US gallon, you can reach up to 9.25 miles (14.8 kilometers) with it.

How do I calculate fuel mileage?

To calculate fuel mileage:

  1. Determine the distance your car traveled. You can take note of your odometer's initial reading before and after a trip. Take their difference for your distance traveled. You can also use an online map to measure your trip's distance. Say you got 55 kilometers.
  2. Divide the distance you traveled by how much fuel your car used. Say 4 liters. 56 km ÷ 4 L = 14 kilometers per liter.
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