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Unless your name is Nicole Skyes, you probably aren't dedicated enough to put over 100 layers of mascara on your eyelashes just to figure out how long one tube will last you. Luckily, the famous YouTuber went through all of this hassle, giving us the answer to the ultimate question:

How many applications are in one tube of mascara?

She didn't stop there, though! Thanks to her commitment, we can now calculate the number of applications in multiple beauty products, including liquid lipstick, eyeliner, or foundation. If, until today, you firmly believed that it's impossible to finish a nail polish bottle, or if your mascara tube always ends when you least expect it, you should give this beauty products calculator a try!

What you need to know about your mascara

This handy tool uses information about your beauty product (such as mascara) to find out how many times you will be able to use it. Unlike the predictions given by makeup manufacturers or influencers, this calculator takes into account your makeup habits, too, providing you with a much more accurate estimation.

In the first step, you need to provide some information about the product, including:

  • Product type. Choose one from the list - it can be mascara or liquid eyeliner, but also foundation, liquid lipstick, or even nail polish.

  • Efficiency. It is the number of applications per one milliliter of the product. Don't worry; you don't have to know this number - our calculator will fill out this field automatically!

  • Product volume. You can find the volume, either in milliliters or fluid ounces, on the product packaging. If you already discarded the packaging, you can also check the volume on the manufacturer's website.

  • Product price. How much did you pay for the product?

In the second step, you have to tell us something about your makeup habits. The calculator needs two numbers:

  • Number of layers per application. For example, you will usually use only one layer of foundation, but at least two coats of mascara or nail polish.

  • Applications per day. How often do you retouch your makeup? Some women can put on their foundation in the morning and don't need to touch it up during the day. Lipstick, on the other hand, requires multiple applications per day. In the case of nail polish, you will probably only need 1-2 applications per week.

How does our calculator work?

Once you've figured out all of the information we listed in the previous section, you're good to go! Our beauty products calculator will now calculate the following parameters:

  • Total number of applications. This number indicates how many times you can use the product before you run out of it. You can also calculate it by hand - we used the formula below:

N = efficiency * volume / layers per application

  • Cost per application. This number tells you how much money does each application of the product cost you. For example, every time you retouch your Kylie Jenner lipstick, you are "spending" 13 cents! You can calculate this value as follows:

cost = product price / N

  • How many days the product will last you. Our calculator gives you a quite accurate prediction of when you'll need to replace your product. You can compare the number of days with the expiration date of the product to check whether you'll be able to use it up at all. To find this value, we use the equation

days = N / applications per day

Naturally, this result is just an estimation - the actual lifetime of your product will depend on its consistency and thickness of the layer you apply, too. Nevertheless, the prediction will surely give you an idea of how many applications of a product you're actually buying.

So... How many applications are in one tube?

To give you a quick overview of what our calculator can do, we created a step-by-step example for a tube of mascara.

  1. In the first step, we chose the mascara we wanted to analyze. We settled for a tube of 0.34 fl oz volume that costs $4.49.

  2. Then, we decided that we'll apply two coats of mascara once a day.

  3. The beauty products calculator estimated that such a tube of mascara is enough for 30 applications - it will only last us a month. That's not a lot! To top it off, every application costs $0.15. Maybe we should settle for a single coat of mascara after all? :)

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