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Would you like to know why we made this bag calculator?

Bags are essential accessories or tools (whichever you consider them) in our lives. No matter if we use them to buy groceries, carry them as a handbag, or use them as storage bags. They're everywhere.

But if we want to stand out, we would love to have them be unique, and what is more impressive than making your bags yourself? They are lovely, one of a kind, and nobody has anything like that. The "definition of standing out".

So, we designed a bag calculator that allows you to determine how much fabric you would need depending on your desired dimensions for the bag. You may also refer to it as a tote bag calculator because that is one of the types of bags you can make using our tool.

We also have in store the bag measurement formula and the required measurements for a bag. Furthermore, we will talk about types of tote bags.

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The tote bag calculator

The knowledge of using a calculator is like a skill that comes in handy in many aspects of life. So, using our bag calculator is not going to be difficult today.

There are three important measurements that you need to input

  1. The desired width of the bag;
  2. The required height of the bag; and lastly
  3. The depth of the bag.

The bag's depth determines how big its base will be.

Once you input these three dimensions, the calculator gives you the result:

  • The width of the fabric; and
  • The height of the fabric.

The next question is, do you want box corners? They are vital if you want to make a tote bag or a square fabric box. You may select yes if you want box corners, and the tool will display the size of box corners you can make based on the depth of the bag.
You won't have to input any further measurements to determine the size of the box corner.

Let's consider an example.

For instance, if you want a 32 cm32 \text{ cm} by 44 cm44 \text { cm} bag, that is 18 cm18 \text { cm} deep with box corners:

Input 32 as the width and 44 as the height of the bag, and 18 as the depth.

The required fabric is 102.5 cm102.5\text { cm} by 55.5 cm55.5 \text { cm} and the box corners are 9 cm9 \text { cm}

You also have the option to choose between the list of available units.

Voila, you are ready to make your own bag.

Bag measurement formulas

We use two important formulas to estimate the required fabric to make the bag.

Fabric width=((2×w)+(2×d)+1)Fabric height=(h+(1/2×d)+1)\footnotesize \begin{split} \text {Fabric width} &= ((2\! \times\! w) + (2\! \times\! d) + 1)\\[1em] \text {Fabric height} &= \left(h + \left(^1/_2 \times d\right) + 1\right) \end{split}


  • hh — The desired height of the bag;
  • ww — Width of the bag; and
  • dd — Depth of the bag.

The +1 at the end of the formulas represents a half-inch seam allowance.

The simplest formula is the one to calculate the box corners of the bag:

Box corner=d/2\footnotesize \text {Box corner} = d/2

We have a Garbage Bag Size Calculator to help you estimate the size of garbage bag you will need based on your bin size.

Types of tote bags

Women's tote bags have become a must for your wardrobe as so many brands come out with unique styles. But we think these bags are for everyone since everyone goes to a picnic or the market and carries a tote bag. Yes, those are some of the uses based on the existing types of tote bags.

Some of the common types of bags or tote bags, to be exact, are:

  • Picnic Tote Bag;
  • Cotton Tote Bag;
  • Work Tote Bag;
  • Canvas Tote Bag; and
  • Market Tote Bag.

All these types differ from each other in terms of either the fabric used or how many compartments you make inside them for various stuff. But you can make all of them using our bag calculator, as the base measurements are the same. They all have a height, width, and depth.

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What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is a simple bag, usually made of fabric. It is left open at the top and has two handles.

The uses of tote bags are numerous, ranging from grocery carrying to picnics and work totes. They all have different inner compartments based on their usability. There are even tote bags without any of these compartments.

How can I calculate box corners for a bag?

To estimate box corners for a bag:

  1. Note down the desired depth.
  2. Divide it by 2.
  3. You have the box corner size!

The box corners of a bag depend on how deep you want the bag to be. In other words, how much of a base would you like your bag to have?

Can I make storage bags the same way as tote bags?

Yes, you can make storage bags or fabric baskets the same way you would make a tote bag.

Any bag that doesn't need the top closed by zip or other clasps has the same measurement method.

How much fabric do I need for 30"×17" bags?

The fabric you need is 45" × 33.5" for the bag to be 30" high and 17" wide, assuming the desired base or depth of the bag is 5".

Desired bag size

Bag dimensions.

Fabric needed 

Box corner

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