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Hexagon Quilt Calculator

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The hexagon quilt calculatorHow to calculate the number of hexagons for quilting?Half hexagonHow to measure a hexagon for quilting?How to put together a hexagon quilt?FAQs

Our hexagon quilt calculator is the tool waiting for you to make the perfect hexagon quilt. All you need to know is how big you want the quilt to be and the size of hexagons you'll use to make the quilt.

Do you like to make your own quilts and are looking for a hexagon quilt pattern? Or maybe you want to know how much fabric is needed to make a hexagon quilt if you decide to make one? Or perhaps you want to be even more creative and make a half-hexagon quilt?

Continue reading if you are here for any of those reasons, and, as a bonus, you might also get to know how to measure a hexagon for quilting.

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The hexagon quilt calculator

Being creative and making things with your own hand has an amazing thrill to it. It gives you the confidence to be unique.

Our hexagon quilt calculator is a handy tool that is great for all those creative people out there who like to make their own quilts and stitch things by hand in uniquely creative ways.
To use our hexagon quilt calculator, the main thing that you need to know is the width and length of your quilt and the size of the hexagon that you are going to use to make your quilt.

The calculator returns the number of columns, rows, hexagons, and half hexagons you need to make your quilt.

Say, for instance, you decide to make a quilt for your bed. And you decide you want it to be 85" wide (216 cm) and 95" long (241 cm). Now let's say you want the size of each hexagon to be 3" (7.6 cm). You would have 17 columns, 21 rows, a total of 344 hexagons, and 20 half hexagons to make the quilt with your desired dimensions.

You may also want to refer to our quilt calculator if you need guidance for batting and backing your quilt.

How to calculate the number of hexagons for quilting?

Bravo! for deciding to make a hexagon quilt by yourself 🧵. If you're more about learning the principles behind our hexagon quilt calculator, now you might wonder, "How do I calculate the number of hexagons for this quilting project?" and "How much fabric is needed to make my hexagon quilt?".

Follow the steps below to calculate the number of hexagons for your quilt:

  1. Enter the desired width of your quilt.

  2. Enter the desired length of your quilt.

  3. Enter the size of the hexagon (length of a single side) that you want to use to make your quilt.

  4. As a result, the hexagon quilt calculator will calculate four things for you:

    a. The number of hexagonal columns;

    b. The number of hexagonal rows;

    c. The number of hexagons; and

    d. The number of half-hexagons.

Hexagon quilt dimensions and measurements
Figure shows the dimensions of the quilt and the hexagons.

Half hexagon

When you're making a hexagon quilt, not all of the space will be covered with full hexagons. Some of the space, especially the edges, would need half hexagons.

As the name indicates, a half-hexagon is a hexagon split into two from one vertice to the opposite one.

💡 So, it is equally important to know how many half hexagons would be needed to make your hexagonal quilt.

A fascinating pattern is made using half hexagons called Inner-city.

How to measure a hexagon for quilting?

Before you start making your quilt, you need to know how to measure the hexagon for quilting.

There are multiple ways to do that:

  1. The first thing you can use is a hexagon scale for quilting, which comes in different sizes and lets you measure different-sized hexagons.

  2. You can go online and download freely available hexagon patterns and use them as a hexagon size guide.

  3. If you cannot do either of those, there are craft places that sell hexagon patterns of different sizes.

  4. And then there is the most interesting way, the mathematical way!

    1. Decide how long you want each side of the hexagon to be.

    2. For example, you want it to be 2 inches (5 centimeters).

    3. You draw a line of 2" (5 cm) and then use a protractor to make the next line at an angle of 120° degrees and continue doing so until you complete your hexagon.

How to put together a hexagon quilt?

Putting together a hexagon quilt is a task that requires a lot of effort, but the results are totally worth it. In the end, you get the most beautiful-looking and unique quilt. So, let's see how to put together a hexagon quilt:

  • Hexagon quilt pattern

    Hexagon quilt patterns indicate how you will be placing your hexagons to construct your quilt. When you use a variety of different colors and fabric patterns, there is no limit to the kind of unique designs you can create.

  • Hexagon quilt fabric

    The design and pattern of fabric for the hexagon quilt you use will make all the difference in bringing out the desired results.

    Our hexagon quilt calculator can also help you determine how much fabric for a hexagon quilt you need. Once you have made all the calculations and are satisfied, you can use the measurements and add the seam allowance to each hexagon to cut your fabric.

    🧠 Keep in mind to use binding fabric to bring it all together. We also have a quilt binding calculator if you want to understand the significance of binding.

  • Hexagon for quilting

    Hexagons can be used in a variety of ways to create your quilt. You can pick any color and size you want, depending on your personal preference or the liking of others, in case you are making it as a gift.

    You can even make the whole quilt out of half-hexagons.

  • Hexagon dimensions for quilting

    The dimensions of the hexagon you use to make your quilt is a personal preference. You may be brave and want to make your quilt with small hexagons, or you want to use a fabric that is meaningful to you, like old t-shirts, and decide to use bigger hexagons. It depends on how much fabric you have for a hexagon quilt since using the whole fabric with smaller hexagons is easier.


How many hexagons do I need to make a 90" by 90" quilt with 4" hexagons?

You will need 184 full hexagons and 14 half hexagons to make a 90" by 90" quilt with 4" hexagons.

Also, your quilt will comprise 13 columns and 15 rows.

The number of hexagons to make your quilt depends on the size of hexagon you decide to use. The smaller the size, the greater the number of hexagons required to make a quilt.

How much fabric do I need for my hexagon quilt?

The amount of fabric needed for a hexagon quilt will depend on the size of your quilt. You can estimate it quickly using online hexagon quilt calculators.

Whatever size you decide to use for the length, width, and hexagons, all you need to do is add the seam allowance and binding fabric to those measurements.

How many half hexagons are needed to make a 90" by 100" quilt with 1" hexagons?

You will need 66 half hexagons to make your 90" by 100" quilt with 1" hexagons.

You will also need 3,417 full hexagons.

A hexagon quilt needs both full and half hexagons to fill the entire space.

Can I use any size of hexagons to make a hexagonal quilt?

Yes, you absolutely can use any size of hexagon.

The size of the hexagon you use to make your quilt impacts the effort and the number of hexagons.

The smaller the hexagons, the greater the quantity required to fill the length and width.

Hexagons layout

Actual size of quilt top

The actual size of the quilt top shows the dimensions of the quilt using the above measures, allowing for seam allowance and binding fabric.

Hexagon size and half hexagon.
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