If you'd like to figure out what size of tablecloth you need, look no further - our handy tablecloth size calculator is here to ease your burden. We've prepared a tool that is much better than tablecloth size charts (though do still have them for square & round tablecloths if you're a traditionalist) - just input your table's shape, dimensions and preferable drop, and we'll work out the rest.

So don't rack your brain on a question such as "What size tablecloth for a 6 foot table?" - calm down, sit back, read on, and simply use our tool!

What size tablecloth do I need? Formulas behind the tablecloth size calculator

That's precisely why we've created this tablecloth size calculator - to help you find the perfect tablecloth size for your table! If you're wondering what size tablecloth you need, enter the table's dimensions and your preferred drop and we'll tell you everything.

However, if you're curious about the math behind this tool, check out the formulas we implemented for different shapes of tables & tablecloths:

  1. Rectangular tablecloth (oblong tablecloth)
Rectangular table and tablecloth

We assume that the drop is the same on each side:

length = table_length + drop * 2

width = table_width + drop * 2

  1. Square tablecloth
Square table and tablecloth

It's almost the same as the rectangular tablecloth, but as the sides are equal, so you need only one formula:

side = table_side + drop * 2

  1. Round tablecloth
Round table and tablecloth

Add the drop to both sides of your table:

diameter = table_diameter + drop * 2

  1. Oval tablecloth
Oval table and tablecloth

Assuming that your tablecloth is the same shape as your table, the formula looks the same as for the rectangular tablecloth:

length = table_length + drop * 2

width = table_width + drop * 2

  1. Booth tablecloth
Booth table and tablecloth

As the table is set next to a wall, you don't need the drop on that side:

length = table_length + drop

width = table_width + drop * 2

Don't forget to fix the tablecloth to prevent slipping off the table!

Conference table and tablecloth
  1. Conference/wedding tablecloth

You may choose a drop from the side you're sitting (e.g., short/middle drop, for a comfortable sit). The remaining three sides have a full floor length drop for a more formal and elegant look:

length = table_length + table_height * 2

width = table_width + drop + table_height

  1. Tablecloth runner

The runner is a type of tablecloth put in the middle of the table. It may be used for decoration, but also for protecting your table from spills and damage.

length = table_length + drop * 2

Usually the runner tablecloths hang over the table. If you prefer one that stays in the middle of the table only, choose the 'Custom' option and input the appropriate negative value (how far it should be from the table edge, e.g. -5 in).

How much drop should there be on a tablecloth?

The drop length is the matter of preference, but there are some general rules you may want to follow:

  • Standard recommended drop, for casual, daily use:

short drop, 6-8 in (15-20 cm)

  • Drop for more formal occasions:

half drop, 14-16 in (35-40 cm)

  • Weddings, banquets, conferences:

full drop to floor, usually 30 in (76 cm)

  • Special occasions, decoration:

puddle drop that extends beyond the height of the table. The value depends on the material and the effect you want to achieve.

Usually, the smallest drop advisable is 2 in (5 cm) - if you choose a smaller drop, then your material probably won't fall and drop nicely.

Are you enjoying this tool? Then our curtain panel calculator may interest you too. Additionally, if you wish to create multiple table cloths of duplicate sizes our fabric calculator is just the tool to help you to figure out the total amount of fabric you will need.

Tablecloth size charts: square & round tablecloths

Truthfully speaking, you don't need this tablecloth size chart anymore - we've prepared this awesome tablecloth size calculator specially for you. You can input here your table dimensions, your preferable drop, and you'll get a tailor-made result.

But, if you insist, we've prepared them too - here are simplified tablecloth size charts for two popular tables shapes - round and square:

Round tableclothes (diameter)
70" 90" 108" 120" 132"
Round tables (diameter) 30" 20" drop floor length puddle drop too large too large
36" 17" drop 27" drop puddle drop too large too large
42" 14" drop 24" drop puddle drop too large too large
48" 11" drop 21" drop floor length puddle drop too large
54" 8" drop 18" drop 27" drop puddle drop too large
60" 5'' drop 15" drop 24" drop floor length puddle drop
66" 2'' drop 12" drop 21" drop 27" drop puddle drop
72" too small 6'' drop 18" drop 24" drop floor length

Square tableclothes (side x side)
54"x54" 60"x60" 72"x72" 84"x84" 90"x90"
Square tables (side x side) 24"x24" (2'x2') 15" drop 18" drop 24" drop floor length puddle drop
30"x30" (2'6"x2'6") 12" drop 15" drop 21" drop 27" drop floor length
36"x36" (3'x3') 9" drop 12" drop 18" drop 24" drop 27" drop
48"x48" (4'x4') 3" drop 6" drop 12" drop 18" drop 21" drop
60"x60" (5'x5') too small too small 6" drop 12" drop 15" drop
72"x72" (6'x6') too small too small too small 6" drop 9" drop

When it comes to rectangular tables, the sizes of table & tablecloths differ a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thus, we suggest using the tablecloth size calculator to find the perfect fit.

What size tablecloth for 6 foot table? An example on how to use the tablecloth size calculator

Theory aside - let's use the tool and make it work! We'll focus on the often-heard question - "What size tablecloth for a 6 foot table do I need?"

  1. Pick the table shape. You don't need to change it here, as the rectangle is the default value.
  2. Choose the preferable drop. Let's assume you'd like to have a lap-length drop of 12 in. Select that value from a list. If your chosen drop is not listed, select Custom and input the data manually.
  3. Enter the table's dimensions. The length of our table is 6 ft, and the width is 36 in. Remember that you can change the units any time - e.g. to feet, inches, centimeters, or ft and in.
  4. The tablecloth size calculator shows the perfect fit for your table: it's a 96"x60" tablecloth.

If you can't find this size of tablecloth, go for a slightly larger size. It's better to have a bit of a longer drop than to get a too small tablecloth, with it rolling up or even not covering the whole table.

So... congratulations, you've just found the perfect tablecloth! Can we ask what you'll celebrate?🎉🎈🥂

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Table and tablecloth dimensions for
Tablecloth drop unit
Tablecloth drop
8 in (standard length)
Table length
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Tablecloth length
Tablecloth width
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