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We have prepared this acceptance rate calculator for you that calculates the probability of your applications getting accepted. This metric is critical in many fields, such as job and university applications.

After reading this article, you will understand what the acceptance rate is and how to calculate the acceptance rate. Furthermore, you will find practical acceptance rate examples to help you understand the metric better. Now, let's look at the definition of the acceptance rate in the section below.

What does the acceptance rate mean?

The acceptance rate is the probability of your application being accepted. We define the acceptance rate as the ratio of the applicants admitted to the total number of people who submit their applications.

This metric is widely used in the university and job applications field. This is because this metric can help you assess the difficulty of accepting your application. Next, after learning the acceptance rate, let's look at how to calculate this metric.

How to calculate acceptance rate

Now, let's discuss how the acceptance rate is calculated. Let's take UCLA as an example:

  • University: the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Total number of applicants: 140,000
  • The number of applicants accepted: 15,000

You can calculate the acceptance rate in three steps:

  1. Determine the total number of applicants:

    This first step is determining the total number of applicants. The total number of applicants is the number of people who submitted their applications. For our example, it is 140,000.

  2. Determine the number of applicants accepted:

    The next step is calculating the number of applicants accepted. The number of applicants accepted is the number of people who are admitted after submitting their applications. For UCLA, this number is 15,000.

  3. Calculate the acceptance rate:

    The last step is to calculate the acceptance rate using the formula below:

    acceptance rate = number of applicants accepted / total number of applicants × 100.

    Hence, the acceptance rate for UCLA is 15,000 / 140,000 × 100 = 10.714%.

What is the importance of acceptance rate?

There are a few reasons why it is essential to understand the acceptance rate. Firstly, the acceptance rate can tell you how difficult it is to become a successful applicant.

The lower the acceptance rate, the lower the probability of becoming a successful applicant. Moreover, the lower the acceptance rate, the more effort and time you need to put in to become a successful applicant. Thus, it is crucial to understand the acceptance rate before submitting your applications. You can also calculate the average acceptance rate to get a clearer picture.


What is the Harvard acceptance rate?

Harvard acceptance rate is approximately 5%. Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. However, it is also one of the universities with the lowest acceptance rate.

Can acceptance rate be negative?

No, the acceptance rate cannot be negative. This is because the total number of applicants and the number of applicants accepted cannot be negative.

How do I calculate the acceptance rate?

You can calculate the acceptance rate in three steps:

  1. Determine the total number of applicants.
  2. Determine the number of applicants accepted.
  3. Apply the acceptance rate formula:
    acceptance rate = number of applicants accepted / total number of applicants × 100.

What is the NYU acceptance rate?

The New York University's (NYU) acceptance rate is 21.1%. This means that the University accepts about one out of every five applicants in the recruitment process.

What is the acceptance rate if there are 2,000 applicants and 500 are accepted?

The acceptance rate would be 25%. You can calculate the acceptance rate by:

  1. Dividing 500 by 2000 applicants.
    Acceptance rate = 500 / 2000 = 0.25
  2. Then multiply the answer by 100 to change it to a percentage.
    Acceptance rate = 25%
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