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Road Base Calculator

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Road base materialsHow to use our road base calculator?

If you're thinking of creating your own paved driveway, Omni's road base calculator might be the tool for you! Use our road base calculator to determine how much road base gravel you need, as well as the amount of it. You will also learn how to calculate the road base costs.

Keep reading to understand how to use our calculator and to answer the questions:

  • What is road base?
  • How much road base gravel do I need?
  • What is the road base cost?
  • How to use our road base calculator?

💡 If you're only planning to make a small pathway, maybe you will find Omni's paver sand calculator more interesting.

Road base materials

When we talk about road base materials, we're not talking only about highways, but also about paving substrates, hard stands, parking areas, footpaths, driveways, and so on. Road base materials typically consist of crushed rock or gravel – usually granite or limestone. The material should be compacted to form a compacted road base with a hard surface prepared to receive the next layer of pavement.

If you want to learn more about these materials, you should definitely check out our gravel calculator and our gravel driveway calculator and see different types of gravel, as well as its sizes, and shapes.

How to use our road base calculator?

Using our calculator is easy, as you will soon see. You just need to follow the steps below, and you will have the area and volume of gravel you need.

  1. Determine the length and the width of your road.
  2. Choose the depth of your base road. Generally, road base is laid to a total depth of 100 to 150mm. You should always check the regulations of roads in your region and make sure to follow them.
  3. Consider the compaction of your base road, so you don't have to buy more material later. You can use 10-15%.
  4. The calculator will give you the area and volume of gravel that you will need for your project.
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