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Whether you want to create a paved driveway or an elaborate patio, you will have to create a stable foundation to lay stone or concrete pavers on. The layer that directly supports these elements is typically paving sand. Use our paver sand calculator to determine how much sand you need.

How much sand for pavers?

  1. You need to determine the dimensions of the paved surface first. For example, a typical parking space has the dimensions of 8.5 ft by 19 ft.
  2. If the paved surface is rectangular in shape, simply multiply these values to obtain area: A = 8.5 * 19 = 161.5 ft2. You can also type the area directly into our paver sand calculator.
  3. Decide how thick the layer of sand will be. Let's assume a depth of 1 inch (1/12 ft).
  4. Multiply the area by depth to find the volume of sand required: V = 161.5 ft^2 * 1/12 ft = 13.458 cu ft.

Remember to buy a small amount of extra sand, as some will invariably be wasted during the construction process. Use the remaining sand to fill the gaps between the pavers.

  • If you prefer to cast concrete instead of using a paved surface, try our concrete calculator.

  • If you prefer to use the sand to create the greatest playground for your kid, visit the sandbox calculator.


What is the best paver sand?

For creating a sand screed, you should consider sharp sand, whereas polymeric sand has excellent results when used to fill the joints between pavers. Notice that a good quality of polymeric sand will protect weed growth between paver joints.

How to calculate paver sand amount for pavers?

To calculate paver sand amount for pavers:

  1. Determine the area you need to cover with paver sand by finding to total patio area and subtracting the area of a single paver multiplied by the total number of pavers.
  2. Once you have the surface area, multiply it by the depth you need to fill to get volume.
  3. Find out the density of the sand you are using. It should be on the bag.
  4. Multiply the volume you calculated by the sand density. Now you have the amount of sand you need in kilograms.

Can paver sand eliminate weed growth in paver joints?

Yes, paver sand can halt weed growth. Experts recommend using polymeric sand when installing pavers/paving stones. For proper installation, we recommend you review the manufacturer's installation plan.

How to install paver sand?

To install paver sand:

  1. Create a paver base, which can be made of crushed stones and soil.
  2. Wet a bit of the base and compact it, aiming for a flat surface.
  3. Install the paver sand and build a flat surface with a straight wood stick.
  4. Compact the surface and ensure the surface level is sufficient to install the pavers on correctly.
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