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Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator

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Concrete drivewayConcrete driveway cost calculator - what does it do?Concrete driveway cost - example calculation

The concrete driveway cost calculator is an intelligent tool that provides you estimations of costs and amounts of materials needed to build a concrete driveway. For all these things: gravel, rebars, wooden forms, and concrete, you need to know the exact quantities and, finally, the sum of material costs. It might be overwhelming and time-consuming to make all necessary calculations by hand. There is a much simpler and quicker solution - use the concrete driveway calculator and find your concrete driveway cost.

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Concrete driveway

There are a few types of driveways that you can choose from to build a way to your property, garage, garden, etc. The most popular are:

  • Asphalt driveway;
  • Concrete driveway;
  • Gravel driveway;
  • Cobblestone driveway; and
  • Bricked driveway.

These road types differ in terms of costs, durability, and complexity of building them. The concrete driveway is a reasonable choice. Why is it so? Because that type is durable, good-looking, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. The combined strength and longevity make concrete a relatively good value for large paving areas. Check our concrete calculator to learn more. As a driveway surface, concrete is more expensive than gravel and asphalt. However, it is considerably less costly than brick or cobblestone.

If you are still on the fence about the type of driveway you will build, check out our gravel driveway calculator.

Concrete driveway cost calculator - what does it do?

We have prepared for you this complex tool that does all the needed calculations itself without your effort. The concrete driveway cost calculator estimates the following:

  1. Amount of materials:
  • Concrete (volume);
  • Crushed stone (volume);
  • Rebars (both total length and number of pieces); and
  • Wooden forms (total length).
  1. Material costs:
  • Concrete;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Rebars;
  • Forms ; and
  • The total cost of all materials.

The calculator works in two modes:

  • Simple mode - in the beginning, enter only 3 parameters that are required: length, width, and depth of a planned driveway. All other calculations, like materials costs, are computed based on their default values.
  • Advanced mode - in addition to simple mode, you can set detail driveway parameters like depth of gravel, spacing between rebars, rebars spacing from the driveway edges and the length of simple rebar piece that will be used. What is more, you can set detailed buying prices (in your local currency) for all the materials. That will be the base for the total concrete driveway cost.

Concrete driveway cost - example calculation

Take a look at the step-by-step calculation example below. We want to make sure that you are using our calculator in the right way. We need to make some assumptions about road dimensions and material prices, so the numbers below are only for example purposes.

  1. Fill in the concrete driveway dimensions:

length = 100 m, width = 4 m, depth = 15 cm

  1. Click the Advanced mode button to activate detail parameters. Now, material estimations and material costs fields appear.

  2. Enter the detailed driveway planning:

  • gravel depth = 8 cm- the depth of the driveway bed.

  • edge-rebar spacing = 8 cm - spacing from the driveway edge to the first rebar. You enter this value only once, and it will be used automatically in calculations for both sides of the road.

  • rebar-rebar spacing = 30 cm - this is the spacing between rebars, both vertically and horizontally (that makes a plane rebar truss).

  • single rebar length = 6 m - the length of a single rebar piece that you buy from a supplier.

  1. Fill in your supplier's prices of building materials:

concrete = €90/m³, gravel = €15/m³, rebar = €2/m, form = €0.8/m.

  1. Check out the estimations for material amounts:
  • formula for concrete: total concrete volume = length×width×depth. Our example calculation gives 60m³ of total concrete volume.

  • formula for gravel: total gravel volume = length × width × gravel_depth. In our case, it equals 32m³.

  • length of all rebars: total rebars length = rebar_rows + rebar_columns

  • rebar_rows = ((length-(2 × edge_rebar_spacing))/rebar_rebar_spacing) × (width-2 × edge_rebar_spacing)) - for rebar columns, the calculations are analogous. The result for our data is 2556 m.

  • rebar pieces = total_rebars_length/single_rebar_length. That gives 426 units of rebar.

  • total forms length = (2 × length)+(2 × width) And the length of our forms will be 208m.

  1. Finally, look at the total building costs:

concrete cost = total_concrete_volume × concrete_price - other costs are calculated analogically.

Once you input all of this data into our calculator, you will discover that the construction of your concrete driveway will cost you over €11,000. Let's analyze the cost structure in more detail:

  • The cost of concrete itself is equal to €5400 - almost 50% of the total cost;

  • You will be charged €5112 for the rebars;

  • The gravel and forms cost €480 and €166.4 respectively - as you can see, their prices are low compared to the other materials you'll need.

Concrete driveway dimensions

Material estimations

Materials costs

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