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Last updated: Jun 09, 2023

The hole volume calculator is a tool that will help you to find the volume of a hole. It also includes a concrete volume calculator for both rectangular and cylindrical holes.

Do you want to know how to calculate the volume of a hole or even the amount of concrete needed to fill a hole? Keep reading, and you will find out!

Hole volume calculator - cylinder

For the hole volume formula, you need to know the depth of your hole, as well as the radius or diameter when you have a cylindrical shape. While the depth is the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of the hole, the radius is the straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle or sphere. The radius is also half of the value of the diameter.

Our round hole volume calculator uses the following equation to calculate the hole volume:

volume=π×radius2×depth\footnotesize \rm{volume}= \pi \times \rm{radius}^{2} \times \rm{depth}

As you can see, this hole volume formula for a circular hole is the same equation used to calculate the volume of a cylinder since the hole is considered a cylindrical shape. You can also check our cylinder volume calculator and the volume conversion tool to learn more.

Cylindrical hole with its dimensions: radius r and height h.
Cylindrical shape, where r is the radius and h is the height (or depth).

Hole volume calculator - rectangular prism

To calculate the volume of a rectangular hole, you need to know the depth, width, and length.

The calculator uses the following equation to calculate the hole volume:

volume=width×length×depth\footnotesize \rm{volume} = \rm{width} \times \rm{length} \times \rm{depth}

Note that this is the same equation used to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism since the hole is considered a rectangular shape.

Check our other calculators: area of a rectangle calculator and rectangular prism calculator. They might be handy for your purposes!

Rectangular prism hole with its dimensions: length l, width w, and height h.
Rectangular prism with length l, width w, and height h.

How to calculate the circular hole volume

These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, set the hole's radius or diameter. You can use any of the units available.
  2. Next, set the depth of the hole.
  3. Finally, calculate the volume of the hole using the cylinder volume formula.
  4. You can also calculate the concrete volume for a cylindrical hole using the advanced mode in the round hole volume calculator.

How to calculate the rectangular hole volume

To find the hole volume:

  1. Enter the hole depth with any of the available units.
  2. Determine the hole length and width.
  3. Finally, multiply everything to get the result.
  4. Use the advanced mode to find the required concrete volume for the cylindrical hole.

The concrete volume calculator for holes

🙋 In construction, it is usual to set holes for posts and fill them with concrete to guarantee that they will stay sturdy and true. For this, use the post hole volume calculator in the advanced mode.

If you want to know how much concrete you need for post holes with no posts, you can use the advanced mode of the post hole volume calculator. It will give you the approximate volume of concrete, considering the waste and the number of holes you have.

We have a dedicated tool called concrete column calculator designed for columns, but it can also work for holes. Don't miss it!

You should note that you may not have enough materials if you calculate the exact amount of concrete. This is because, during the concreting process, there are always some losses. It is normal, and you should always consider it when calculating the needed material. The waste is usually between 5% and 10% and depends on several factors, such as labor and other conditions that make concreting difficult.

How to calculate the volume of a hole

Let’s say we have to make two circular holes of 50 cm depth with a radius of 10 cm.

Let’s also say that we assume 7% waste in the concreting process.

To calculate the volume of the hole, you can enter the measurements for the depth and radius and then perform the following calculation to obtain the volume of the hole.

volume=π×radius2×depth=π×50 cm2×10 cm=0.015708 m3\footnotesize \begin{align*} \rm{volume} &= \pi \times \rm{radius}^{2} \times \rm{depth} \\ & = \pi \times 50 \rm{\ cm}^{2} \times 10 \rm{\ cm} \\ &= 0.015708 \rm{\ m}^{3} \end{align*}

Then, go to the advanced mode of the round hole volume calculator to find the concrete volume, considering its losses:

concrete=hole volume×(1+waste)×no. of posts=0.015708 m³×(1+7%)×2=0.033615 m³\footnotesize \begin{align*} \rm{concrete} &= \rm{hole \ volume} \times (1+ \rm{waste}) \\ &\times \rm{no. \ of \ posts} \\ &= 0.015708 \rm{ \ m}³ \! \times \! (1+7\%) \! \times 2\\ &= 0.033615 \rm{\ m}³ \end{align*}

This means you need 0.033615 m³ of concrete to fill the hole.

Marinara Andrade do Nascimento Moura, PhD candidate
Circular hole
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Rectangular hole
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