Stride Length Calculator

By Łucja Zaborowska, PhD candidate
Last updated: May 15, 2020

Our stride length calculator is a simple tool that helps you to find how much ground you cover in a single step. That's not all - our stride calculator compares your result to global average, and tell you how much energy you expend with each stride.

Calculating the number of steps needed to cross a certain distance has never been more comfortable!🤩

Our stride calculator is build to minimize your stress - don't hesitate to mix different length units, or input the numbers anyway you wish! Scroll down to find out how to calculate your stride length all by yourself using a few different methods.

How to use the stride length calculator?

  1. Find a space you can walk down unhindered and measure it. A - is your starting point, B - is your finish (you may also use one of the online mapping apps to accurately measure the length of your route).

  2. Walk your route! 🚶

  3. Count the steps it takes you to get from point A to point B.

  4. Enter the obtained values into the stride length calculator.

  5. Your calculated stride length is ready :)

  6. Enjoy your results: read more about calories burnt during a walk, run or your choice of calorie-burning activity. 🔥

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How to calculate my stride length?

Calculating your stride length is extremely easy! You just need to divide the distance walked by the number of steps taken:

stride length = distance / number of steps

As your pace increases, so will your stride length. You'll also cover the distance in less time.

Average stride length

The stride of the average person depends on their height and sex. The most typical value, valid for most of the population, is 2.5 feet for males and 2.2 feet for females.

There is a simple rule for estimating someone's height from the length of their stride - the ratio between a person's stride length and their height is usually equal to 0.43.

0.43 = stride length / height

Of course, this estimation is not perfect - if you were to use this method and the result of our stride length calculator, the value you get could be as much as 2 inches either side of your actual height.

Small stride length - can it be indicative of any disease?

A small, persistent stride length might be a sign of Parkinson's disease, SM, or an illness of the cerebellum. If your short steps are accompanied by any signs, symptoms, or an unsteady gait, you should consult your GP to rule out the possibility of a neurological disorder.

How to measure stride length?

Instead of using our stride length calculator, you may also try one of the following additional techniques:

  1. The most traditional way: let someone measure a few of your single steps and then use the arithmetic mean to evaluate the average length of your stride.
  • Whats the correct way to measure your step? Measurements should be to and from the back of your heels.
  1. Some phones offer step-counting and measuring apps. They usually use GPS and your location to estimate the distance you've walked. The steps you're taking are measured using a small device built-into your phone - an accelerometer. The accelerometer measures linear and angular acceleration, which allows it to estimate its position. (it's kind of similar to part of the human ear 👂)

  2. If you'd like to be accurate, there are plenty of step-counting devices available online; this is the most expensive option!

Łucja Zaborowska, PhD candidate
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