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If you are looking for a volt to electron volt calculator or just hoping to learn about the process used to convert volts to electron volts, you have come to the right place. You can use this tool to change the electrical voltage, measured in volts (V), to energy measured in electron volts (eV). You can also see the answer in joules by changing the units of the last parameter of the volt to electron volt calculator. Please do not confuse this tool with the one we use for energy conversion.

Continue reading to learn the definition of the volt and electron volt, the different formulas used to convert volt to electron volts, and how to apply them. We also show the equation used in the conversion of electron volt to joule and vice versa. You may also check out our Ohm's law calculator to learn more about electrical power.

Electron volt definition and associated terms

Below, you can find some definitions of terms we use in this article:

  • Definition of a volt (V): Volt is the SI unit of voltage, the potential difference or electromotive force; 1 volt = 1 joule per coulomb.

  • Definition of an electron volt (eV): An electron volt or electron-volt is an amount of kinetic energy gained or lost by an electron when it moves from rest through a potential of 1 volt. An electron volt is a unit of energy. One electron volt is equal to 1.602176634 × 10-19 J.

  • Definition of elementary charge (e): An elementary charge is the smallest unit of electricity. It is a positive constant and equivalent to 1.602176634 × 10-19 coulombs. We represent the elementary charge by the symbol e.

  • Definition of coulombs (C): Coulomb is the name for the electric charge in the SI unit system. It is the amount of electricity transported in a single second by one ampere.

Do you wish to learn more about coulombs? Check out our Coulomb's law calculator.

How to convert volts to electron volts

Volts can be converted to electron volts using either elementary charge or coulombs. To do this, you must choose whether you will be using coulombs or elementary charge, then use the relevant formula to do the volt conversion.

We have explained both methods of volt conversion below.

How to calculate electron volts from elementary charge

Our volt to electron volt calculator uses the following formula:

  • eV = V × e

To better understand the formula above, let us consider the following problem:

  • Find the energy in electron volts used in a circuit where the voltage was 36 volts, and the charge flow was 30 electron charges.

The answer is:

  • eV = 36 × 30 = 1080 eV

How to calculate electron volts from coulombs

The second option in this volt to electron volt calculator is to use coulombs instead of the elementary charge. The formula is:

  • eV=V×C/(1.602176634×1019)\footnotesize\text{eV} = \text{V} \times \text{C} / (1.602176634 \times 10^{-19})

Let’s look at the example below to understand it better:

  • Calculate the energy consumed in an electric circuit where the charge flow was 5 coulombs with a voltage supply of 15 volts.

  • eV=15×5/(1.602176634×1019)\footnotesize\text{eV} = 15 \times 5 / (1.602176634 \times 10^{-19})
      =4.68×1020eV\footnotesize\quad\ \ = 4.68 \times 10^{20} \text{eV}

If you are studying electricity or need to do other calculations involving electricity, this voltage drop calculator may interest you.

What is the formula for electron volt to joule conversion?

An electron volt is a unit of energy, but a joule is the energy base SI unit. Our calculator would not be complete without showing the answer in joules as well. Here is the formula we use in our calculator for the electron volt to joule conversion:

  • 1 J = 6.24150907 × 1018 eV

Conversely, to see how much is 1 electron volt we use the formula:

  • 1 eV = 1.602176634 × 10-19 J

To convert electron volt to joules, enter the value in electron volts and change the units to joules using the drop-down list on the right.

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