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Created by Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD and Steven Wooding
Based on research by
Vieira M. New World Health Organization reference values for semen analysis: where do we stand?; Einstein (Sao Paulo); April-June 2013
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

This sperm analysis calculator is probably the easiest tool to evaluate your semen analysis test & its results. We're going to cover all the most critical aspects of normal semen, sperm total count, and everything you need to know after giving a sperm sample at a fertility clinic.

💭 The best advantage of this sperm analysis calculator? You don't need to check anything or know how to read a sperm quality test report; we're going to explain and calculate every single detail of it and describe the most important definitions.

What is semen?

Semen is the total fluid excreted by male reproductive organs during ejaculation; semen contains both sperm and several other substances that nourish the sperm and allow it to move around freely.

What is sperm?

The term sperm describes the cells produced in the testes. Sperm is the most important part of semen, responsible for successful conception.

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How to calculate amount of functional sperm?

Functional sperm that can fertilize the egg can be characterized by a few properties:

  • It's alive;
  • It moves; and
  • It has the correct morphology.

Now let's take your semen analysis results and calculate!

Functional sperm = Ejaculate volume * Sperm concentration * Motility * Vitality * Morphology


  • Motility, Vitality and Morphology are given in percentage (%);
  • Ejaculate volume is given in milliliters (mL); and
  • Sperm concentration is given in mln/mL (millions per milliliter).

Functional sperm count should exceed 10 million. ✅

How to read a sperm analysis report?

Our sperm count calculator for pregnancy uses the norms established by the WHO — let's quickly discuss some of them.

WHO sperm quality test

The World Health Organization (WHO) periodically updates a set of rules to assess male infertility. It is the most basic routine used to evaluate the quality of human semen and its fertilization potential. This method is easy and quick to use — look at the table below and compare your semen analysis results with the given values.


Normal value

Ejaculate volume

≥ 1.5 mL

Sperm concentration

≥ 15 mln/mL

Sperm total count

≥ 39 mln

Motility (forward movement)

> 32%

Normal morphology (sperm structure/look)

≥ 4%

Vitality (live sperm)

≥ 58%

Your doctor may also asses a few other semen properties, which are not included in our sperm analysis calculator:

  • Semen pH (norm: > 7.2)
  • Leukocyte count (norm: < 1 mln/mL)

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Happy with our sperm analysis calculator? Let us know! 🍼


What is the normal sperm motility?

Motility that is the forward movement of the sperm is the essential part of the sperm count test. Normal sperm motility should exceed 32%.

If the sperm doesn't meet this criterion, the condition is called asthenozoospermia.

What is the normal sperm vitality?

Vitality is the number of sperm that are still alive, and is a crucial part of the semen analysis test. Normal semen should consist of more than 58% of live spermatozoa — sperm cells.

Necrozoospermia describes semen that does not contain a sufficient amount of live sperm.

How to calculate total amount of sperm in semen?

You can easily perform this short calculation yourself! Take a look at your semen analysis results and:

  1. Find the ejaculate volume (usually given in mL).

  2. Write down the sperm concentration (usually given in millions/mL).

  3. Let's calculate! We'll use the equation from our sperm analysis calculator:

    Sperm total count = Sperm concentration * Ejaculate volume

  4. Normal sperm count should exceed 39 million. ✅

Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Ejaculate volume
Sperm concentration
Normal morphology
Normal motility
Total sperm
Functional sperm
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