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Egg Freezing Calculator

Created by Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD and Rijk de Wet
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The egg freezing calculator helps you estimate how many oocytes you need to freeze to ensure a good probability of future pregnancies and live births.

Our egg count calculator will explain the process of egg freezing that's used in assisted reproductive technology (ART). Read on to find out how many eggs you should freeze to increase family-building success changes, depending on your age and the number of the desired offspring.

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How to use the egg freezing calculator?

We can't put it any other way — it's extremely easy! Our egg count calculator has two simple steps.

  1. Enter your age. Age plays a crucial role in fertility — the number of available eggs diminishes every month, and their quality is also significantly affected.

  2. Enter the number of frozen oocytes. Choose how many eggs you'd like to freeze.

  3. The results await at the bottom of our egg freezing calculator 🐣.

Our tool will show you the expected probabilities of giving birth to one, two, or three children. Adjust the number of eggs to find a probability that best suits your needs.

Why do we freeze eggs in fertility treatment?

We may freeze eggs to preserve our fertility, postpone becoming parents, and keep the ability to build a family with our genes. As we all know, our fertility decreases with age, and this is unfortunately more prominent in women.

Why is that so? 🤔

A fantastic thing about women is that a part of you already existed in your grandmother's body. But how is that possible? Let's break it step by step.

  • Every woman is born with a complete set of unfertilized eggs, called oocytes. The number of eggs decreases with age and with every ovulation, each one resulting in either a period or pregnancy.

  • The eggs are present in the woman's body since the first moments of her existence, meaning all the eggs in our body are exactly as old as we are. 🥚

  • When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, the eggs in your mother's ovaries already existed. One of these eggs was destined to become you one day!

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When can we freeze eggs?

The best time to freeze eggs is when you're between 24 and 35 years old — this is the time when your fertility is relatively stable and at the highest peak of its possibilities.

Whether your reason is unexpected sickness, a demanding treatment, male infertility, or a simple desire to postpone becoming a parent, freezing your eggs can be a wonderful way to secure your chances of becoming a mother in the future.

The how many eggs should I freeze calculator on your left will help you estimate how many frozen eggs should be enough.

Remember, no method will ever guarantee you a 100% success rate! ART, IVF, ISCI and all the available calculations can increase the possibility of taking home your own baby, but it cannot ensure it.

How to calculate egg freezing success rate?

The ISCI and IVF success rate calculator uses the following formula for calculating egg freezing success:

P1=1(10.6PEPB)nP_{\geq 1} = 1 - (1 - 0.6 \cdot P_E \cdot P_B)^{n}


  • P1P_{\geq 1} is the probability of at least one live birth;
  • PEP_E is the probability of a euploid blastocyst;
  • PBP_B is the probability of an oocyte maturing into a blastocyst; and
  • nn is the number of retrieved frozen mature eggs.

While the number of eggs retrieved and the age of a woman pose no problems, the two last variables require a bit of an explanation:

  • The probability of an oocyte maturing into a blastocyst (PBP_B). A blastocyst is a structure that develops a few days after ovulation and successful conception — it's an initial stage of human embryo development.

  • The probability of a euploid blastocyst (PEP_E). A euploid blastocyst is a blastocyst with a normal number of chromosomes — genetic material also gets old, and the number of mistakes increases along with age.

💡 All of the calculations used in our egg freezing success rate calculator were taken from the research by R.H. Goldman et al.

How many eggs should I freeze if I'm 36 years old?

First, you need to decide what probability of giving birth to one, two, or three children do you find satisfying? The likelihood of a successful procedure can be predicted for a given number of frozen eggs. 🤰

No. of eggs

1 live birth probability

2 live births

3 live births









































Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
No. of frozen mature eggs
Probability of at least one live birth:
Probability of at least two live births:
Probability of at least three live births:
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