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Created by Mariamy Chrdileli
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD and Rijk de Wet
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The sobriety calculator is a simple and convenient tool to help you determine how long you have been sober.

Regardless of your drug of choice, staying sober is difficult work, but it has many life-changing benefits. During this challenging journey, reminding yourself about your accomplishments can be helpful to see how far you have come. Let's celebrate together, utilize our sobriety counter to determine how long you have been sober, and read about 10 reasons to stay sober, how to remain sober, activities to stay sober, and more!

Addiction and Sobriety 101

Addiction is a treatable brain disease characterized by compulsive substance use despite adverse outcomes. Features of addiction include:

  • Impaired control (inability to control the amount and frequency of a substance consumption);
  • Repetitiveness and obsessive use (the pattern of use that happens repetitively with a very intense urge); and
  • Negative consequences (behavior results in several adverse outcomes and decreased quality of life).

Sobriety, on the other hand, is a state of not being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances. According to the CDC and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 75% of those who seek recovery overcome the battle with addiction. Although overcoming addiction may take multiple attempts, most eventually achieve the desired results. Read on to learn about the benefits of staying sober, and don't forget to visit Omni DUDIT calculator and Audit-C screen calculator to explore alcohol and other substance use disorders more in-depth.

How do I use sobriety calculator? How long have I been sober

Using the sobriety calculator is quite simple. All you have to do is indicate the day from which you have been sober and then mark the current day. Then, our sobriety counter will tell you how many years, months, or days you have been sober. If you're interested in a timespan between any other two dates, the sobriety calculator can count that as well!

10 reasons to stay sober. Benefits of sober life

There are a million reasons to choose sober life, but here are ten reasons that will encourage you to stay sober:

  1. Your physical health significantly improves after quitting drugs or alcohol. If you stay sober, you reduce the risk of heart attack and certain types of cancers, as well as strengthen your immune system.
  2. You are doing a huge favor to your mental health! You may think that drugs were helping you to cope with your life hassles. In reality, substance abuse can be a significant marker of risk for intensifying or triggering symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  3. You have healthier relationships with your friends and family when you're sober! Did you know that children who grow up in a household where a parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol are more likely to be neglected and develop substance abuse disorder in adulthood
  4. You are saving money. Drugs and alcohol can not only make you less productive but also cost a fortune. You can save hundreds of dollars annually!
  5. Not only are you saving money, but you are also helping your country's economy. Drug abuse often results in lost productivity, incarceration, premature mortality, and hospitalization. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the cost of drug abuse can be more than $740 billion a year in the United States.
  6. Who doesn't want to look healthy? A wide range of drugs, if consumed continuously, can cause infection, acne-like eruptions, and even rotting skin.
  7. Substance abuse can lead to deficits in the area of executive function (e.g., diminished ability to adapt behavior to the environment, having trouble with controlling emotions or impulses, or problems with organizing, planning, and paying attention). Executive function as a construct is associated with many positive outcomes, such as academic achievements, competence, marital satisfaction, and quality of life.
  8. Sober life has many long-term rewards. The most important prizes include finding a new purpose in life, learning to love yourself, and embarking on new adventures.
  9. You have more time! Why should you waste your time thinking about when you will consume drugs or alcohol again? Or rather, why should you waste time trying to obtain something that costs you physical and mental health, money, energy, and relationships with close ones.
  10. You have more energy to engage in activities you enjoy. Whether you're into hiking with your friends, exploring a city, or learning new computer programming languages, staying sober will aid you in staying alert and more energetic. If you're interested in various helpful activities to stay sober, keep reading!

Want to know how is your life expectancy affected by addiction to different types of substances? Then check out our addiction calculator.

How to stay sober

If you are reading and trying to learn about tips for staying sober, you're already on the right track! Self-efficacy (the belief that you can achieve the desired goal) is extremely important when recovering from addiction. Gaining knowledge about staying sober and dependence, in general, can maintain your sobriety. Here are some tips:

  • Surround yourself with a support network. Having people around you, who encourage your sobriety, is extremely important. If you're struggling with establishing healthy relationships, consider going through therapy.
  • Recognize what cues increase your craving. If you notice that specific environments increase your urge to use drugs or alcohol, try to stay away, and avoid old routines. The same principle can apply to people as well. You are free to choose from whom you accept invitations!
  • Recognize what triggers you. Try your best to identify emotions that trigger you to use drugs or alcohol. It could be fear, anxiety, loneliness, or a range of other feelings.
  • Find activities to stay sober. In other words, find hobbies or healthy activities that genuinely interest you. If you love fitness, you can start training in the gym or inviting your friends to go on a hike. Exercising increases well-being and decreases the risk of developing a mental illness.
  • Learn how to cope with stress and relax. You can try different mindfulness techniques, start practicing yoga and improve sleep hygiene.
  • Celebrate how far you have come! Staying sober is challenging but very rewarding. Feel free to use the Omni sobriety calculator, and celebrate your milestones!


What is the definition of sobriety?

By definition, sobriety is a state of not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although, some define sobriety as complete abstinence from the drug of choice, including alcohol.

How do I calculate the amount of days I have been sober?

To calculate the number of days you have been sober, you should subtract the day you chose to be sober from the current date. In other words, count days between the sobriety and current date.

How hard is it to stay sober?

Staying sober could be very hard; that's why it is ideal to have a significant support network and strategies that you can utilize to prevent relapse. These strategies can include (but are not limited to) practicing healthy living, identifying triggers, finding balance in life, joining support groups, and changing habits.

What are the activities that help to stay sober?

You can choose many healthy activities that may help you stay sober. For example, you can join a sports team or a gym, explore your creativity through arts and crafts, explore a new city, or participate in activities you loved growing up. Keep in mind that it is best to avoid activities and friends that trigger your craving.

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