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Mayo Clinic, IBM Micromedex Drugs and Supplements: Gabapentin (Oral Route) (Accessed June, 22 2022)
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Our gabapentin dosage calculator is a simple way to determine the correct dosage regimens of gabapentin for shingles, chronic pain, seizures, or anxiety. 💊

We're not over yet! We'll explain all possible gabapentin uses and appropriate dosages - you'll be able to find out what is the most common side effect of gabapentin and how to calculate the dosage for children aged 3-12 correctly.

❗ Remember - this tool cannot replace real medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting new or altering your old treatment.

Is gabapentin a narcotic?

Gabapentin is not a narcotic - its molecule is similar to one of the substances present in our brains, called GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). GABA itself serves as a calming neurotransmitter - it inhibits the activity of neuronal cells.

Gabapentin, however, works in a completely different way than its cousin - it inhibits the release of excitatory neurotransmitters - substances that stimulate our brain.

💣 It does not cause addiction or dependance, although it may increase the effect of other drugs and is often misused by people addicted to different kinds of narcotics.

What is gabapentin used for?

Gabapentin can be used for various disorders - lots of these uses are off-label, which means that they haven't been adequately tested in major clinical trials. Yet, they do show efficacy in everyday clinical practice, as confirmed by many doctors' experience.

The most common form of this drug is Gabapentin 300 mg capsule, sold as Neurontin; pharmacies offer a variety of different strengths and forms: 100 mg, 300 mg, 400 mg, 600 mg, 800 mg. Gabapentin is sold as tablets, capsules, or oral solution (→ our liquid drug dosage calculator will help you with all the calculations 💧).

  1. Gabapentin dosage for pain 📌

    This includes:

    • Gabapentin dosage for chronic pain
    • Gabapentin for sciatica
    • Gabapentin for fibromyalgia (off-label)
    • Postherpetic neuralgia
    • Peripheal neuropathy

    So what dosage of gabapentin for nerve pain do we usually need?

    Typical efficient dose: 900 mg/day, given in 3 doses per 300 mg.

  2. Gabapentin for epilepsy (seizures) 🕹️

    Typical maintenance dose for adults: 900-1,800 mg/day, divided into three doses.

  3. Gabapentin dosage for anxiety (off-label) 🕷️

    Studies showed that gabapentin could be efficient for this indication when taken in dosage greater than 900 mg/day.

  4. Gabapentin for the restless leg syndrome 👣

    Typical dosage: 600 mg/day, a single dose taken in the evening with food.

  5. Gabapentin dosage for sleep (off-label) 🛌

    Starting dose: usually 300-600 mg/day, a single dose before sleep.

❗ Max dose of gabapentin ranges from 1,800 to 3,600 mg/day and is different for particular indications. Check our tool on the left to find out more.

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Can you overdose on gabapentin?

Yes, you may overdose on gabapentin. This situation is more likely to happen if you take gabapentin with opioids, antidepressants, alcohol, or different street drugs. Remember, there is no antidote! 💀

Important side effects & signs of overdose include:

  • Drowsiness (probably the most common side effect)
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of control of body movements
  • Abnormally low or high heart rate
  • Tremors
  • Double vision
  • Depression of the respiratory system - slow breathing, causing a lack of oxygen in the patient's body.

🐶 Let me surprise you here: did you know that some of the human medications (including gabapentin!) can be taken by dogs? Pets and humans also share a variety of side effects caused by these drugs. Find out more by taking a look at our: Tramadol for dogs calculator or benadryl dosage for dogs.

How to calculate gabapentin dosage for children?

Gabapentin is usually not recommended for use in children - however, there's one important exception: seizures and epilepsy. In this section, you may check whether the dose your child was prescribed meets the recommendations. 💊

Our gabapentin dosage calculator uses the following equations:

  1. Starting dose (3-12 years old)

    Lower range = 10 mg * Weight

    Upper range = 15 mg * Weight


    • Lower range and Upper range are given in milligrams (mg) per day.
    • Weight describes your child's weight in kilograms (kg).

    Calculated dose per day should be divided into 3, and given in three separate, smaller portions.

    Calculated dosage should be given as a range, e.g., for a child that weighs 10 kg, we may write it all down as:

    • Starting dose: 100 mg-150 mg.
  2. Effective dose

    • 3-4 years old

      Effective dose = 40 mg * Weight (kg)

    Effective dose is calculated per day; the computed value should be divided into three portions and administered three times per day.

    • 5-12 years old

      Lower range = 25 mg * Weight (kg)

      Upper range = 35 mg * Weight (kg)

The calculated amount is equal to the full daily dosage - you should still divide it into three to get one of the three daily doses.

Maximum daily dose for children:

  • Max dose = Weight (kg) * 50 mg

Looking for a pain remedy for the smallest children? Try our infant tylenol dosage. 👶

Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
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