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Airlines and milesHow to get airline miles?Fees when redeeming award flightsWhere to find the average price per mile?Estimated value of a mileHow do you book a flight with miles?How to use the miles to dollars calculator?How much is 40000 delta miles to dollars?Choosing the right option — exampleDo you earn miles on flights booked with miles?

Our airline miles to dollars calculator estimates how much your airline miles are worth in dollars. It also helps you to choose the best option between booking with miles or booking with cash.

Read on to find out how to get airline miles and what the miles to dollars conversion is for different airlines. We also give an example explaining how to use the airline miles to dollars calculator.

Airlines and miles

When booking holidays, it is always worth checking if there is anything we can do with all of our accumulated miles. Airlines and banks offer various programs awarding you miles which you can then use for booking flights, hotel rooms, and more. This way, you can fly for less — or even for free if you have accumulated enough miles!

How to get airline miles?

Are you looking to book a flight with miles but have no idea how to get them? Or, are you wondering how many miles you get per flight? Do not worry. We are here to explain it all to you.

There are several ways to get miles. Here are a few:

  • Flying frequently with one airline, some airline companies propose loyalty programs and will reimburse you with miles after booking flights. The distance flown and the ticket price usually determine how many miles you get per flight — the more you spend, the more miles you earn. Pretty simple, right?

  • Flying with partner airlines will also award you miles that you can use on the initial airline offering the partnership.

  • Using a co-branded credit card — some banks partner with airlines and offer miles whenever you make a purchase. Sometimes they have special offers and award you more miles on specific purchases like booking hotel stays, car rentals, shopping, and dining programs.

Fees when redeeming award flights

While redeeming your award flights, you probably will have to pay some fees — even if you book the whole flight with miles. Costs will vary according to the airline's rules and policies, the selected flight, and the region of purchase. These will be added to the flight price when booking.

Where to find the average price per mile?

The mile value will change from airline to airline and fluctuate with time. Its value is often expressed in cents. There are many ways to find out the value of a mile. Here is how:

  • On the airline's website, you will find all the information concerning their loyalty plans, award flight offers, how to get airline miles, and their value.

  • Award charts — you can find them on the internet, and they can give you an average of the value of a mile depending on the airline. You can also sometimes find such charts directly on the airline's website.

  • On travel blogs and forums — these will provide an estimation rather than the exact mile value, but they can still give you an average price per mile.

  • On your bank's website — since some banks offer co-branded credit cards that accumulate miles as you spend money, they will have detailed information about how to earn miles and their value.

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Estimated value of a mile

We estimate the mile value of the most popular airline companies to make your life easier. To be more precise, check directly on the airline's website to learn the exact value of their miles.


Miles value (cents)

Air Canada


Air France


Alaska Airlines


American Airline






British Airways


Delta Air Line




Frontier Airlines


Hawaiian Airlines




Singapore Airlines


Southwest Airlines


Spirit Airlines


TAP Air Portugal


Turkish Airlines


United Airlines


Virgin Atlantic


How do you book a flight with miles?

Do you have miles and want to use them? Spending them on a flight ticket or a hotel reservation would be a wise choice. How do you make use of your accumulated miles? It's pretty simple:

  • Check for award flights — go on the website of the airline you want to fly with and enter the destination, the dates, and the number of passengers that will be traveling. You will see all the plane options — look now for the ones you can book with miles.

  • Select your award flight and look at the payment options — you can either pay the totality of the flight with miles or pay a part with miles and the rest with cash. Don't forget about the fees; you usually will have to pay some when redeeming your miles.

  • Choose the best option when they propose more than one — sometimes it is better to pay with miles, and sometimes it is better to buy with cash. We will explain later how to determine which is the best option.

  • Finalize the transaction by following the reservation instructions of the airline.

  • Enjoy your flight!

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How to use the miles to dollars calculator?

Now that you know everything about how to accumulate miles and what to do with them, you need to choose wisely how to spend them. As we said previously, sometimes it's better to book a flight with miles, and sometimes it is better to book them with cash. Our airline miles to dollars calculator is here to help you determine how to spend miles efficiently.

Follow these steps:

  • Select the airline you're traveling with, and the miles to dollars calculator will provide our estimated average price per mile according to the airline — for example, this calculator can do the delta miles to dollars conversion for you!

    And if you have the exact value of a mile in dollars — you can also directly fill in the miles value field.

  • Fill in now the cost in miles — how many miles are required to book your award flight and any additional cash price and fees — if there are any.

  • The calculator now indicates the dollar amount that the price in miles represents.

  • If you want to compare this with the price in cash of the same flight, fill in the cost in cash in the third section, and it will display the price difference in cash and percentage.

  • Choose the cheapest option between booking with miles or with cash, and now you're ready to enjoy your holidays!

How much is 40000 delta miles to dollars?

We estimate at Omni that Delta miles are valued at 1.5 cents each. You can multiply 40000 delta miles by their value $0.015, but it is easier to determine this with our calculator. Let's make the calculator do the 40,000 Delta miles to dollars conversion for us! This is how:

  • Just enter 40,000 and select "Delta Air Line" in the "Airline" field, and it will automatically fill 1.5 cents as the value of a Delta mile.
  • Put 0 in "Fees" and in "Additional price in cash" just to see the value of the 40,000 Delta miles alone.
  • The calculator indicates now that 40,000 Delta miles are worth $600.

Choosing the right option — example

Let's suppose you have these two options for booking a flight between Paris and Los Angeles:

  • The flight costs $1300 if you book it without miles.

  • The same flight with awards costs 172,000 miles plus a fee of $349.

    • We will suppose that a mile is worth 1.5 cents with this airline.

    • We have the:

      price = number of miles × miles value + additional cost in cash and fees

      price = 172,000 × 0.015 + 0 + 349

      price = 2580 + 349

      price = $2929

The total price by booking with miles is equivalent to $2929 while booking with cash directly costs $1300. In this situation, it is better to book with cash.

Let's suppose this time you only need 50,000 miles to book the same award flight with the same fees:

price = number of miles × miles value + additional cost in cash and fees

price = 50,000 × 0.015 + 0 + 349

price = 750 + 349

price = $1099

This time buying with miles is the same as spending $1099, which is less than buying with cash $1300, so here it is better to book with miles. It's all about comparing your options.

You can also simply put all those values in the miles to dollars calculator, and it will indicate the total price automatically — no need to do the math yourself :)

Do you earn miles on flights booked with miles?

Usually, an airline only awards you miles when spending money — thus, you do not earn miles on flights booked with miles. Check out the airline's website and its policies to learn more about how they award airline miles.

Airline and miles value

Price when booked with miles

Comparison with cash only price

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