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They say that age is just a number, but if you are a curious soul and find yourself wondering about your age in various calendars, then our lunar age calculator will be your best friend — if you are into befriending tools (no pun intended).

So, have you ever looked up a Chinese age calculator or a Hijri age calculator? Because our tool has got your back for both. And that's not all — you will also learn what lunar age means and how to calculate your lunar age.

What does lunar age mean?

The lunar calendar uses the moon's monthly cycles to determine the date, compared to the solar calendar, which aligns with the year-long period of our planet orbiting the sun. There are many variations of the lunar calendar, each with its own unique meaning and usage in various parts of the world.

Although the Gregorian calendar is a civil standard, various cultures and religions (with traditions that the solar calendar doesn't do the trick) still have a need for other calendars.

According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year doesn't occur on the 1st of January of every year and instead occurs between January and February. And it is not merely a new year — it also symbolizes the spring festival and is a significant factor in determining one's age.

The Hijri calendar was established in A.D. 622. Several countries require the Hijri's lunar dates for their festivities and celebrations — Ramadan for fasting, Eids, and Pilgrimage, to name a few.

Lunar age calculator

The lunar age calculator is here to assist in determining your age using the lunar calendars (and not the Gregorian one we use every day). Our tool provides you with two lunar calendar options:

  • The Chinese lunar calendar; and
  • The Hijri lunar calendar.

If you want to determine your age according to the Chinese calendar, select the first option at the top of the calculator and then:

  • Confirm if the Chinese new year has occurred;
  • Input your current age; and
  • Find your age in the Chinese lunar calendar below.

And if you want your age in the Hijri lunar calendar, then:

  • Select the second option;
  • Enter your current age; and
  • Find your age as per the Hijri lunar calendar below.

So, if you enter your age as 33 years and select yes for the Chinese New Year already arriving (as the new year for 2022 was on February 1), the calculator tells you that you are 35 years old in the Chinese calendar.

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The basis of how to calculate lunar age

The Chinese lunar calendar depends on the occurrence of the Chinese New Year, as that's when we add another year to our age, and not on our actual date of birth like when we work with the Gregorian calendar. This is an important detail to remember when working out your Chinese lunar age.

If the Chinese New Year has already happened for a particular year, you add 1 to your age. And then another one is added to account for the time your mother was pregnant with you. Since the pregnancy duration can vary, a baby is considered a year old at the time of birth.

You may think that in the Hijri calendar, the year comes ten days earlier compared to the Gregorian calendar, which is easy to remember — or you may like to remember that the Hijri lunar calendar is approximately 355 days.

So, when you want to convert your age to Hijri, all you have to do is add 0.027 times your age to your current age. This factor of 0.027 is a conversion factor that accounts for the ten-day difference between the Hijri lunar and Gregorian calendars.

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What is my lunar age

Well, now we can solve the most curious query, what is my lunar age?

Let's assume you are 24 years old and try to determine your Chinese and Hijri lunar age. We already know that the Chinese age depends on the occurrence of the Chinese New Year, which has already occurred for the year 2022 in February. So, your age according to the Chinese lunar calendar is:

Chinese lunar age=24+1+1Chinese lunar age=26 years\footnotesize \begin{aligned} \text {Chinese lunar age} &= 24 + 1 + 1 \\ \text {Chinese lunar age} &= 26 \text { years} \end{aligned}

Now, coming to the Hijri lunar calendar:

Hijri lunar age=(24×0.027)+24Hijri lunar age=25 years\footnotesize \begin{aligned} \text {Hijri lunar age} &= (24 \times 0.027) + 24 \\ \text {Hijri lunar age} &= 25 \text { years} \end{aligned}

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What is my Chinese lunar age?

If the Chinese new year has passed, you are your age + 2, and if not, you are your age + 1. Your Chinese lunar age depends on whether the Chinese New Year has passed or not, because your age depends on the new year in the Chinese lunar calendar (and not your actual date of birth). Also, the time in the womb counts as a year. Hence you are already one year old at birth.


I'm 28, how old am I in the Chinese calendar?

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, you are either 29 or 30.

If the Chinese new year has happened, you are 30 years old, and if it has yet to occur, your age is 29. Because as per the Chinese lunar calendar, a person ages with the new year and not their birthday.

What is my hijri lunar age?

Your Hijri is easily determined using the formula:

Hijri age = (age × 0.027) + age

The Hijri calendar is constantly moving as it follows the moon's monthly phases.

What is the lunar age of my mother?

For the Chinese lunar calendar, if the New Year has already passed, add 2 to your mother's age. If not, then add 1. For the Hijri lunar calendar, multiply your mother's age by 0.027 and add that result to her age. Don't forget to round the decimals accordingly.

How can I determine my lunar age?

In the Chinese lunar system, you are either your age + 1 or your age + 2. This depends on the Chinese new year. If it has occurred, then you add 2 to your age. If not, then you may just add 1. The extra 1 we've added is due to Chinese traditions that believe the time spent in the womb is part of one's age.

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