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Created by Rita Rain
Reviewed by Dominik Czernia, PhD and Jack Bowater
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

If you're struggling with summing your payroll hours, this hours and minutes calculator may prove useful. It can also serve as a time converter and turn minutes to hours and minutes, hours to days, etc. If you need help with exclusively your payroll, then check out our salary calculator.

From the text, you can learn how to calculate hours and minutes manually and what you should pay attention to.

With our add hours and minutes calculators, you can calculate hours and minutes worked faster and enjoy a longer coffee break.

How do you calculate hours and minutes?

For example, let's add 4 hours 56 minutes to 6 hours 48 minutes:

  1. Add hours to hours:
    4 h + 6 h = 10 h.
  2. Add minutes to minutes:
    56 min + 48 min = 104 min.
  3. If the sum of minutes is greater than 59, convert them to hours and minutes:
    104 min = 1 h 44 min.
  4. Add the value from the previous step to the sum of hours from step 1:
    10 h + 1 h 44 min = 11 h 44 min.

We do have an add time calculator for your convenience that helps you sum up time.

How to use the hours and minutes calculator?

The hours and minutes calculator is pretty easy to use. Enter all the values, and the sum will display at the bottom. New rows will appear as you fill in the last field. You can also use the Tab key to move the cursor to the next field.

By clicking the blue "hrs" or "min", you can change the default time unit and convert between them, e.g., turn minutes to hours and minutes. The other way to convert is to use the bottom part of the calculator.

Click Reset defaults below the calculator to return to the default units and delete all time values. Clicking the arrow icon will delete the values but keep the units changed.

You may find it beneficial to take a look at the time unit converter or the minutes to hours converter. They convert between units of time.


How many minutes is an hour and a half?

An hour and a half equal 90 minutes. One hour consists of 60 minutes. Half of it equals 30 minutes: 60 / 2 = 30. When we add the minutes in one hour to the minutes in half an hour, we get 60 min + 30 min = 90 min.

How to convert hours and minutes to decimals?

For example, to convert 4 h 15 min to hours in the decimal form:

  1. Turn minutes to the decimals. To do it, divide them by 60. For example, 15 min = 15 / 60 h = 0.25 h.
  2. Add the unchanged hours to the converted minutes: 4 h + 0.25 h = 4.25 h.
  3. The answer is 4 h 15 min = 4.25 h.

How to add hours and minutes on a calculator?

  1. You need to add hours and minutes separately or convert the values to the same unit first.
  2. If you add them separately, add hours to hours and minutes to minutes. Then convert the minutes and add them to the sum of hours.
  3. If you want to convert hours and minutes to just hours, divide the minutes by 60 and add the unchanged hours. Do this for each time value, then sum all of them.
  4. If you want the result in minutes, multiply hours by 60 and add the unchanged minutes. Do this with each time value and then add them up.

How do you calculate hours and minutes worked?

  1. Calculate hours and minutes worked on each day. First, convert all times to the 24-hour format.
  2. Subtract the start time from the end time. For example, if you started working at 8:30 and finished at 16:40, the result is 16:40 - 8:30 = 8:10.
  3. In some tricky cases, you'll have to use the carry-over method. For example, if you subtract 8:25 from 16, it would look like this: 15:60 - 8:25 = 7:35.
  4. To calculate weekly or monthly working time, sum the times from all days.
Rita Rain
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