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A2 -> B1 (PET)
B1 -> B2 (FCE)
B2 -> C1 (CAE)
C1 -> C2 (CPE)
A1 -> C2

English Learning Time

By Piotr Małek
The English learning time calculator evaluates time needed to reach a particular level of English language proficiency.

If you have ever wondered what the average time needed to learn English at particular level is, our tool should come handy. In this calculator we use the English language levels set out by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This framework ranges from A1 (beginner) up until C2 (proficient) along with the respective certificates' names.

We used the data provided by the University of Cambridge's Cambridge English data to calculate the average number of hours needed to reach specific level of English proficiency for each level. Please note that this number is very approximate as the actual number of hours student needs depends heavily on:

  • language background
  • intensity of study
  • age
  • amount of language exposure outside of classes
  • quality of classes and others
Piotr Małek

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English Learning Time
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