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The questions this reading time calculator can answerHow to use the time to read calculator — How long will it take to read this book?Calculating reading time — an exampleFAQs

If you're thinking, "how long will it take me to read this book?" - you'll find the answer in this reading time calculator.

And not just that- you can also find the value of any of the variables used in the time to read calculator. You may want to know how much time a day you should allocate to finish a textbook before the deadline. Or maybe you want to assess how many books you should borrow from the library for a 2-week holiday? You can use the reading time calculator in many ways, which we'll describe in the text.

Choose a book, grab a coffee or tea, and let's see what the calculator can do. But if you need help choosing a book, seek guidance from our quarantine books calculator.

The questions this reading time calculator can answer

Depending on which values you input into the reading time calculator, you can find out:

  • How much time per day should you allocate to finish in x days;

  • How long will it take to read this book;

  • What the total reading time will be (in hours);

  • How many pages you'll be able to read in a given time; and

  • How fast you should read to finish this book on time.

And if you are still curious and need more answers, then give our other tools are read:

How to use the time to read calculator — How long will it take to read this book?

Depending on your problem, fill in the fields for which you know answers and leave the one you want to calculate empty. You can also prevent some variables from changing values by clicking three dots to the right of a variable's name and toggling the "Save input value" option 📌".

If you're wondering, "how long will it take me to read this book?":

  1. Choose the reader type that best describes you. If you want the result to be accurate, measure your reading speed and input the number of pages you can read per minute into the second field of the calculator (select Enter a custom average reading speed first).

    You can also change the unit and enter the pages per hour. If you don't have time to test your reading speed, decide whether you're a slow, average, or quick reader, and choose the adequate description in the first field. If you are curious about your reading speed, check out our reading speed calculator.

  2. Enter the book's length into the third field of the reading time calculator.

  3. The total reading time will appear. You can display it in hours, minutes, or hours and minutes.

  4. To assess how many days it will take to read the book, decide on your daily reading time.

  5. The last field will tell you the period you'll have to spend reading a book. The time-to-read calculator lets you display the number in different units.

Calculating reading time — an example

Another real-life example — you're going to have a major test in three months, and you want to work a textbook (300 pages) over before the deadline. How long will it take to read this book? How much time should you allocate to studying each day?

How to solve this problem using the reading time calculator:

  1. Check how long it takes you to finish one page. Let's say the book is quite heavy, and it takes you ~3 minutes to go through one page. Then divide 1 by the number of minutes to get the reading speed:

    1/3 ≈ 0.33

    0.33 pages/min, let's input the number into the second field of the time to read calculator.

  2. In the third field, enter the book's length — 300 pages.

  3. You can see it will take you about 15 h 9 min to finish the book.

  4. How many days will you devote to studying the book? Let's say you want to finish it in 2 months and then brush up on the material. You study for five days a week. There are around four full working weeks in a month, so there are 2 × 4 × 5 = 40 days in total. Let's say you want to complete the book in 40 days — type in "40" in the last field of the time reading calculator.

  5. That's it. In the "daily reading time" section, you'll see that you should spend around 22 minutes per day reading. The time reading calculator will also tell you that you should read 7.5 pages a day. If overwhelmed with your results, consider that those who read regularly sleep better, have lower stress levels, and are generally happier.

If you are someone who is into reading, then our books vs ebooks calculator is sure to tickle your fancy.


How long does it take to read 30 pages?

It takes about 1 hour to read 30 pages at an average reading speed - about half a page per minute. Persons can have different reading speeds. Usually, it would take us longer to read the same amount of pages of an academic text than a contemporary novel.

How long does it take to read the Great Gatsby?

You need around 6 hours to finish the Great Gatsby if you read at an average reading speed of half a page per minute. So, if you read for only an hour a day, you can finish the Great Gatsby in 6 days.

How much should I read a day to read 52 books per year?

You should read for about 1.5 hours per day. But that's assuming you're an average speed reader, and the books you're reading are 300 pages on average. You can lessen that number by learning to read faster.

How long will it take me to read a book?

To find how long it will take you to read a book, follow these steps:

  1. Find out how many pages of your book you can read per minute.

  2. Check your book's length.

  3. Divide the book's length by your reading speed.

  4. That's the time it will take you to read your book. You can check your result with our reading time calculator.

How much time will it take to read a book?

How many days will it take?

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