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Electricity Cost – Single Usage Calculator

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This electricity cost – single usage calculator tells you how much it costs to run an electrical device for a certain amount of time. It's often the topic of conversation and most of the time we have no clue how much it really costs to run our electric appliances.

Our tool can serve great as an electricity bill calculator – just enter the power consumption of your device, the usage time, and actual energy prices per kWh, and you will find out how much electricity costs. Are you horrified by the result? Don't worry, here are some protips how to lower your electric bill! 💰

How to calculate electricity cost

If you're wondering how much electricity costs, all you need to know is the power consumption of your electrical device, how long it runs, and the actual energy prices offered by your supplier. The calculation runs in two steps. First, multiply power consumption of your device by usage time to find how much energy your device consumed during work:

power consumption × usage time = energy consumed

Be mindful of the units if you're doing the calculations by hand, and apply the corresponding conversion factors. If you are using our calculator, you can ignore this warning because all the unit conversion required is done for you.

Then, check the electricity cost per kWh from your local energy supplier and multiply it by the amount of energy consumed:

cost = energy consumed × energy price

Let's give a hypothetical example: you used your 700-watt vacuum cleaner for half an hour. It's 700 Watts × 30 min = 350 Wh or 0.35 kWh. With the electricity prices of $0.14 per kWh, the total cost is 0.35 kWh × $0.14/kWh. Thus, a single vacuuming of your apartment costs you $0.05 💵

If you're interested in the recurring usage of utilities such as how much it costs to charge your Tesla, try the electricity cost calculator.

How electricity cost – single usage calculator works

Our electricity cost – single usage calculator needs just a few steps to tell you how much electricity costs once the selected device is running. For example, you might be wondering how much it costs to boil 2 liters (a little more than 7 cups) of water in an electric kettle. To calculate this:

  1. Determine power consumption of your device in watts. In our example, we boil water in a 2000 watt kettle.

  2. You know it takes it 6 minutes to do it, so enter usage time below.

  3. This calculator will do the calculation for you and return you a value of 0.2 kWh of energy consumed during boiling water.

  4. Check the actual electricity cost per kWh and enter a value. With an average cost of $0.13 per kWh, we arrive at the value of 3 cents per single use.

How to lower your electric bill

Of course, high electricity prices can cause your costs to skyrocket, so we've put together some proven ways how to lower your electric bill:

  1. Get a home energy audit.

  2. Switch to dimmer switches.

  3. Keep your fridge and freezer closed.

  4. Keep the air circulating in your home with ceiling fans.

  5. Eliminate phantom loads from televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.

  6. Switch to LED light bulbs.

  7. Shade your home with trees, curtains, and blinds.

  8. Use cool water for laundry.

  9. Wash the laundry in full loads or use "eco" mode.

  10. Install a water heater timer.

  11. Check if your home is properly insulated.

🙋 If you're interested in saving money, try our percent off calculator. The LED calculator may come in handy if you're an electrician. Check it out!


How to calculate my electric bill?

Try using the Omni's electricity cost – single usage calculator or do as follows:

  1. Get the power of each device and record the time they are working.
  2. Multiply each appliance's power by its operating time to get the energy consumption. In case you get the result in watt-hours, convert it to kWh by dividing the answer by a thousand.
  3. Multiply your energy consumption by the electricity cost in USD per kWh.

How much does it cost to run an 1500 watt oven?

$0.36, assuming that you are using an electric oven with an average power of 1500 watts to bake casserole for 1 hour and 30 minutes and the electricity price is $0.16 per kWh.

Multiply 1500 watts × 1.5 hour = 2,250 Wh or 2.25 kWh.

Now find the total cost: 2.25 kWh × $0.16/kWh = $0.36.

What uses a lot of electricity?

Electrical heaters consume a lot of electricity because the heat they produce is not focused on a specific point; instead, they aim to heat environments where there are a lot of heat losses. Water heaters and HVAC are other sources of high electricity consumption.

Is 100 kWh per day a lot?

Yes, it is. 100 kWh per day equals 3000 kWh per month, exceeding the U.S. average electricity consumption of 893 kWh per month.

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