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By Maria Kluziak
Last updated: Mar 19, 2020

The house cleaning cost calculator is a tool designed to help you find out how much does house cleaning cost. If you're asking yourself, "How much to clean a house?", you are in luck; with this calculator's assistance, you will be able to see if the house cleaning prices are within your reach, and decide whether it's worth it to spend some additional money to buy yourself time to catch up on your favorite TV show. Read on to find out what's the average cost of house cleaning, and see if getting it done will pay off!

house cleaning cost calculator

How to use the house cleaning cost calculator?

The house cleaning cost calculator has three separate options, each dedicated to a different type of calculation. The choices are the three most common practices used by house cleaning services. All you need to know are the house cleaning prices of the businesses available to you. With that in mind, follow these steps:

  1. Pick what to type of calculation to be performed in the first field of the house cleaning cost calculator. This will depends on what the company's price structure is.

Depending on your choice, go to the appropriate set of instructions:

  1. If the company you chose charges per hour of work:
  • input the price per hour of work,
  • declare the number of hours you want to hire the cleaners for. Base your estimate on the number of hours it usually takes you to clean your house.
  1. If the company goes by the square footage of the area to be cleaned:
  • input the price per unit of area (m² or ft²),
  • declare the total area you want cleaned.
  1. If you want to calculate how much does house cleaning cost based on the number of rooms, follow these instructions. Please note that many cleaning companies charge differently for rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens:
  • Start by inputting the number of rooms you want cleaned, as well as the price per room.
  • Do the same with the number of bathrooms and price per bathroom.
    • Please note that in many companies a separate toilet is counted as a half of a bathroom. So, if you want to have both your bathroom and your toilet cleaned, you might need to input 1.5 in the "number of bathrooms" field. Consult your cleaning provider if you are unsure.
  • Input the price for cleaning a kitchen,

As you can see, answering the question "How much does house cleaning costs?" is quick and easy with our calculator.

Using house cleaning cost calculator - an example

The Omni office needs cleaning, as we're all a bunch of mucky pups. We scoured Krakow for cleaning services, and found one that charges by the hour. As we really do create a lot of mess, we need to hire a cleaner for 8 hours, and their cleaning price is 40 zł per hour (here in Poland we use the złoty, pronounced zwoty, which is Polish for gold!). All thats left for us to do is the simple multiplication of price per hour * number of hours:

8h * 40 zł/h = 320 zł

What affects house cleaning prices?

Aside from the conditions taken into account by the house cleaning cost calculator, there are a number of variables that also influence the prices house cleaning companies set for their services. Sometimes answering the question "How much to clean a house?" can get a bit complicated - for example, you might come across companies that combine the all of the methods set out above.

  • A relatively popular practice is to preset prices depending on the type of your apartment, determined by its size and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you have. Here's a breakdown of the average house cleaning cost using this system in the year 2020:

    House size Average price
    Studio apartment Around $60
    1 bed 1 bath $60 - $90
    2 bed 1 bath $95 - $120
    2 bed 2 bath $95 - $130
    3 bed 1 bath $110 - $165
    3 bed 2 bath $135 - $180
    4 bed 3 bath $140 - $200
  • Another factor that influences the average cost of house cleaning is the type of cleaning required. House cleaning services differentiate between:

    • Standard cleaning - tasks that are performed on a regular basis to keep a house clean. Sometimes called domestic cleaning, this typically covers vacuuming and mopping the floors, standard bathroom cleaning (sinks, mirrors, bath/showers, toilets), standard kitchen cleaning (wiping work surfaces, doors, and hobs) and general tidying up.
    • Deep cleaning - generally performed once or twice a year, it covers the areas that are harder to reach and tend not to require more frequent cleaning. It includes cleaning behind, inside and outside kitchen appliances such as ovens or fridges, windows and patio doors (including frames and blinds), kitchen and bathroom tiles, and dusting and cleaning details, such as lamps, ceiling fans, decorations etc. This typically costs $10-$20 more than standard cleaning.
    • Move in/move out cleaning - all of the above, with the addition of cleaning walls, ceilings and other areas not touched since you moved in (if required). Depending on the condition of an apartment, it costs roughly the same as, or more than, deep cleaning.
    • After-event cleaning - general cleaning required after a party, including cleaning dirty dishes, taking out the trash. etc. Especially useful for events such as house-held birthday parties or wedding receptions.
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